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There’s Someone Inside Your House: Here’s What the Reviews Say

Who’s There? There’s Someone Inside Your House. Read the reviews and find out what people are saying about it!

This is not who I am. This is not me? These are words that people can die by. Jackson learns this when he sees that someone is inside his house at the beginning of the movie, There’s Someone Inside Your House. Jackson is a first of a few people who are victims. The killer wears masks that look just like the person. That is a good idea for a horror movie. It could be about drugs or problems.

There are scenes where the people in the movie show what it is like to be a teen in America. There are some scenes with people of color and other scenes with non-binary people. The movie “There’s Someone Inside Your House” didn’t live up to its promise for the audience. The movie was about things that happen in life in a small town after Bruce Springsteen and Stephen King were there.

Inside House

What can we expect from There’s Someone Inside Your House?

Jackson lives in a town called Osborne, Kansas. People who live there are very passionate about the high school football games and also about their annual Halloween corn maze. Most of Osborne School will go to the game when Jackson gets punished for something. When we got a text message with a video of Jackson and his friends, we all stopped playing the game. In this movie, Jackson’s transgression is not the main focus. Caleb, a gay quarterback, scores a touchdown while everyone looks at their phones.

In this book, the author wrote from different people’s perspectives. They each had a different issue to talk about what was happening in their life. One person wants to kill people who lie and tell the truth about what they did wrong. They want their victims to look inside themselves. So they wear masks. The killer’s real motive is about “privilege” but that does not explain why most of the POC and queer characters are as bland as white, straight characters.

The plot of this movie is to paint the numbers. It is not good to show our personalities because we go to other movies or people come to the door. At first, these evasive maneuvers seem to be the point of this story. But later they feel like a way to get back to the usual ending.

The most frustrating thing about “There’s Someone Inside Your House” is that the characters say they are good at things but then don’t do them. In the early part of the movie, Katie (Sarah Dugdale) is killed in a church. It seems like the writers were more interested in plot twists than character development. And honestly, Katie is not much different than Makani. Makani’s main appeal is that we know little about her past and she has a lot of secrets to be revealed in the future.

In the movie, Makani is trying not to talk about a bad thing that happened. She also tries to keep her relationship with Ollie a secret. They make out in his car a couple of times though. Park is interesting enough to carry her scenes. For a while, it’s not hard to follow Makani as she tries to stay away from people. But there is not much to Makani. Park is in the play with his grandmother who is sleepwalking. Makani likes Ollie, but they do not talk about it often.

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