“The Many Saints Of Newark” Netizens Say Must Have Been A Miniseries

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The city of Newark has many saints, or at least that’s what The New York Times says. The paper recently published a story about how the people of Newark are “defiantly proud” despite all their troubles. The article is largely positive and ends on an uplifting note for readers who live outside the state’s largest city.

The Many Saints Of Newark- Netizens Say Must Have Been A Miniseries

Critics like the movie, but they think that it could have been better if it had been made into a miniseries. David Chase’s feature film provides viewers a glimpse into the backstory of The Sopranos, showing how a young Tony Soprano was mentored by Dickie Moltisanti. Unfortunately, the format of a two-hour movie leads to many plot points feeling rushed or unsatisfying. This is why reviews of The Many Saints of Newark are mixed.

The Many Saints of Newark is a story about Dickie and his life in Newark in the 60s and 70s. His dad had a new wife, Giuseppina, who made Dickie’s life tough. In the end, Dickie got shot by someone else. In the movie, a Black gangster was struggling with racism in society and the mafia. The Many Saints of Newark also includes glimpses of younger versions of several Sopranos characters including Livia, Junior, and Carmela.

This movie has a lot of information in just two hours. It might go too fast and not tell you some important things. In the first half of the movie, there are quick scenes that don’t feel real or lived-in. A limited series would allow you to introduce characters at a slower pace. This is good. It would be better for this project to use a format where each episode is about 20 minutes long. This will allow the show to show more of the story and get into more detail about the characters.

What are we expecting from “The Many Saints Of Newark”?

The Sopranos have always had a way of telling a story that is all over the place. It is good for TV shows because they can explore different stories. But in this book, this doesn’t happen because there isn’t enough time to explore other storylines. A miniseries was a good way to show the ending of Harold’s storyline. It could tell about important relationships and plot points like Junior’s feud with Dickie. It could also explore the backstories of characters in Sopranos who appears only briefly in The Many Saints of Newark. A TV format better suits the strengths of  David Chase and Alan Taylor.

New York

Both of them are best known for their work on  The Sopranos. Both men have been less successful in the film world. With Chase’s movie, “Not Fade Away,” and Taylor-directed blockbusters like “Thor: The Dark World” meeting muted responses, the box office returns for “The Many Saints of Newark” suggest that it will follow a similar path.

In TV shows, The Sopranos was a classic. In movies, it is harder to have the same kind of story that people loved from that show. This is because movies are shorter and have less time to tell the story. Movie audiences usually expect a lot of visuals and resolution to the story. But this book does not have that much. It feels like two TV episodes stuck together. A miniseries on TV or online would have let Chase tell stories in the way he likes.

A limited series, not an ongoing show like The Sopranos, will allow The Many Saints of Newark to tell a deliberate and self-contained story from start to finish. While this movie had some sequels, if it was made so that the story would have a conclusion, there would be less of a chance for more movies to come out. The Many Saints of Newark was a good book. It had many strengths, but it would have been better as a mini-series.

Many years after the TV show ended, there is a new movie about the Soprano family. As described by IndieWire’s chief film critic, David Ehrlich, the prequel is a film for fans of the show. It has parts that are fun but also parts with gripping drama. This is because it has a strong cast, including Michael Gandolfini who takes on the role of Tony Soprano made iconic by his father. James Gandolfini in this movie was not enough to make the movie a success.

For comparison, we can look at the dueling families in entertainment. They are both alike in dignity. The series you are looking at is trying to be on many different screens. Kate Erbland and Ben Travers did a Double Take on big questions. They talked about the movie that was supposed to be a big hit.


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