The Top 6 Things That Make an Aquarius, an Aquarius

Water-bearers, unite! Aquarians everywhere rarely fit into one select mold, as many are keen to embrace eccentric lives that cater to their authentic selves. The air signs who are born between the days of January 20 to February 18 bring an entirely original mindset to the world, which can captivate others in their orbit from day one.

If you have Aquarians in your life, are you curious to know what makes them tick? Do you wonder how they make decisions or what drives them on a daily basis? You’re in luck! Schedule psychic readings for Aquarius to answer your queries, or read on to discover what six common traits make up the Aquarius sign.

Common Traits That Form an Aquarius 

Look for these traits to determine how to spot this sign among your own group of friends — even when any Aquarian will tell you he or she is a fully unique character.

1. Need for Mental Stimulation

People who are ruled by the element of air often are highly intellectual and inquisitive creatures. Aquarians are no different, needing to spend a lot of time practicing deep thinking and doing their research before making any important decisions.

2. Enjoyment of Creative Outlets

Given the nature of their curious intellects, Aquarians often search for places and activities that will inspire them artistically, giving them opportunities to unleash their creative side and design something completely original.

3. Unintentionally Aloof

Due to a propensity to be a rigid analyzer of everything, an Aquarius can sometimes come across as cold or distant, sticking to facts instead of emotions in arguments. It may be unintentional, but it’s noticeable by others nonetheless.

4. Highly Unpredictable

Aquarians aren’t the type to fit into one category, often even defying the concept of what makes up an Aquarius altogether! Overall, no person under this sign is alike, usually as a result of their eccentric, avant-garde way of looking at things in the world around them.

5. Inherent Sense of Justice and Humanitarianism

While being ruled by the planet Uranus causes an Aquarian’s unpredictable nature, it can also serve as the reason behind the Aquarius’s need for social justice, rebellion and reform.

6. Leading With Visionary Ideals

Planet Earth can always become a better, more righteous place under the beliefs of the Aquarius. Genuinely ambitious and undoubtedly progressive, Aquarians are steadfast in their hopeful views of the future.

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