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Are you tired of using the same brand of fragrance for years? If so, Singapore is bringing you the best men fragrance the world could offer to keep you smelling cool and fresh. However, finding the best men’s fragrance in Singapore is no easy task, and even if you try asking for recommendations, this won’t help. Nevertheless, there are various choices to pick from, and we will be mentioning some of the top picks you can consider.

One rule to keep in mind when shopping for perfumes in Singapore is that you are the best person to tell which scent matches your taste. There is no problem looking at some of the perfumes your friends use, but it could be wise if you base your buying decision on your judgment. Also, different scents react differently to different bodies so you might realize that some scent smells great on others may not smell the same with you. Always stick to your judgment when making the decision. Below are some of the best men’s fragrances.

DAVIDOFF cool water for me

This is popular among many men, especially those who are professionals in Singapore. This is because of the competitive prices and the long-lasting scent. The scent is inspired by the ocean’s freshness and the floral, marine, and woody notes combinations. What attracts most men is the masculine marine fragrance which is not found in other fragrances. The fragrance goes for over $100. The most amazing thing about this fragrance is that all age groups can use it, and the smell can also be worn casually and during special occasions.


This is a highly demanded fragrance by men given its reasonable price. Both women and men can use it as it offers soft feminine scents and a strong masculine scent for men. Primarily, this fragrance is considered one of the fruit scent family with top notes being fruits like lemon, pineapple, papaya, and bergamot. Often, men wear this perfume during casual weekends.


This is famous among men who like strong but refreshing aqua scents. The top notes include neroli, bergamot, and tangerine, offering men a fresh and warm scent to last for an entire day. It is common with professionals. This perfume gives you an ocean breeze vibe with a breathtaking sunset. The price is reasonable, and the fact that it can be worn every day makes it a perfect choice.

Hugo Boss Boss Intense

Unlike Hugo Boss Boss, this fragrance is more powerful and enhanced than the previous version. It is intense and offers a masculine scent using ingredients such as clove, cinnamon, and geranium. The goal of this perfume is to grab the attention and confidence of old and mature men. The scent gives one confidence. Most men wear this perfume when they attend a formal duty and on occasions that happen once in a lifetime, such as weddings.


Singapore is one of the best places to get your dream fragrance from various brands and shops. There are countless options to look at, but you will pick the best one for you, depending on your taste and preference.

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