The Baltimore Banner Drops Paywall to Celebrate the First Anniversary

The Baltimore Banner, an online news site launched in 2022, has dropped its paywall to celebrate its first anniversary. According to a report by Yahoo! News, the paywall was lifted on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, and all of the site’s coverage was made available for free. The move was seen as a way to celebrate the site’s first year of operation and to attract new readers.


Background on The Baltimore Banner

The Baltimore Banner is a digital news start-up that aims to challenge established news outlets in Baltimore, including The Baltimore Sun. The site was launched in 2022 by Takoma Park philanthropist Stewart Bainum, who invested $10 million in the venture. The site has a staff of about 30 journalists and covers local news, politics, business, food, and events in Baltimore. The site’s launch was seen as a response to the decline of traditional news outlets and the need for new local news sources.

The Impact of The Baltimore Banner

The Baltimore Banner has quickly become a significant player in the Baltimore media landscape, with its coverage of local news and events attracting a growing audience. The site’s decision to drop its paywall for its first anniversary is seen as a way to attract new readers and establish itself as a leading local news source in Baltimore. The move also responds to the changing media landscape, with more consumers turning to digital sources for their information.

The Future of The Baltimore Banner

The Baltimore Banner’s success in its first year of operation has led to speculation about its future. Some observers see the site as a potential challenger to established news outlets like The Baltimore Sun, while others see it as a complement to existing news sources. The site’s decision to drop its paywall for its first anniversary is a sign of its commitment to providing its readers with high-quality journalism and establishing itself as a leading source of local news in Baltimore.

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