The Bacon Brothers Plant Native Greenery Near Annapolis

The Bacon Brothers, a musical duo of Michael and Kevin Bacon, have been spreading their love for nature while on tour. On June 18th, 2023, the duo took a break from their shows in Annapolis to plant native greenery at Broad Creek Park. The initiative was taken to promote environmental awareness and encourage the use of native plants in landscaping. The Bacon Brothers were joined by Brigid Zuknick, Stacy Huston, and Matthew Johnston in this effort.


The Bacon Brothers’ Commitment to the Environment

The Bacon Brothers’ planting of native greenery near Annapolis is not the first time they have shown their commitment to the environment. The duo has been vocal about their support for eco-friendly practices and has incorporated this message into their music. The brothers have also been involved in other environmental initiatives, such as supporting sustainable farming practices and promoting renewable energy sources. The Bacon Brothers’ efforts inspire others to take action towards a more sustainable future.

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