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The 355
The 355

Hollywood has long been criticized for not having enough people who are different from the majority of people shown in films. Movies like “The 355” are trying to make change happen. “The 355” is a spy thriller that stars Jessica Chastain. She wanted to make it because there have been a lot of movies with men as spies, and she wanted to change this. My hope for “The 355” is to show that women are awesome. They can be tough and badass. I am excited for society to start realizing this about women, too. The film’s name is a nod to its feminist mission. Agent 355 is a famous Revolutionary War spy, but her identity is unknown.

Universal Pictures released a trailer for “The 355” on October 6, 2020. And based on the trailer it looks like “The 355” more than lives up to Agent 355’s legacy. Here’s everything know so far about “The 355.”

What is the release date of The 355?

The movie “355” is coming out on January 7, 2022. It was delayed because of a disease called “COVID-19.” The movie was scheduled for a premiere during Martin Luther King Day weekend of 2021. But then Universal pushed it back to Martin Luther King Day weekend 2022. In December 2020, Universal Studios changed the release date of the movie to January 7, instead of January 14. This is because there are currently no other films coming out on that day.

The 355 Trailer: Jessica Chastain Leads a Team To Stop World War 3

As reported by Variety, Chastain and Simon Kinberg had the idea for the film and pitched it while they were filming “Dark Phoenix” in 2017. They wanted to make a female-led movie like Mission: Impossible or Jason Bourne.

What is the plot of The 355?

The movie is about spies. It has a classic spy-thriller setup. The movie is not like movies from the Cold War or the War on Terror. Instead of the world being divided into countries, some groups can threaten any country in the world because they have access to the internet.

The story begins when a mercenary steals a piece of military technology. The trailer does not say what the gadget is, but it can start World War III if it falls into the wrong hands.

CIA Agent Mace Brown (Chastain) is given the task of getting back the device. To do this, she has to get help from others with skills that are important in this situation. Khadijah is an MI6 agent and she is good at computers. Graciela is a Colombian psychologist. Marie is Mace’s counterpart from Germany. These two psychologists have important people in their lives that the mercenaries will probably target. Khadijah has a long-term partner, while Graciela has two kids.

Who will be starring in it?

The 355' Movie Release Date Pushed Back a Year - Variety

“The 355” is a movie with many stars in it. Jessica Chastain plays the leader of the team who has to find a piece of military hardware that someone stole. She can be tricky, but she is also very smart. LupitaNyong’o plays Khadijah, a computer expert from MI6. Diane Kruger plays Marie, an agent from Germany and Mace’s rival. Penelope Cruz rounds out the main quartet as Graciela, a psychologist from Colombia.

In the movie, Fan Bingbing is an actress who plays Lin Mei Sheng. She follows the squad and writes about their activities in a journal. But she might be a bad person or not. One of the actors in this movie is called Sebastian Stan, and one is called ÉdgarRamírez. In the movie, they play two people who work for intelligence agencies: Nick works for the CIA, and Luis works for Colombia’s National Intelligence Directorate.

  • Jessica Chastain as Mason “Mace” Brown,
  • LupitaNyong’o as Khadijah,
  •  Diane Kruger as Marie Schmidt,
  •  Penélope Cruz as Graciela,
  •  Fan Bingbing as Lin Mi Sheng,
  • Sebastian Stan is Nick, a CIA agent, and Mace’s colleague.
  •  ÉdgarRamírez as Luis, a DNI agent.
  •  Emilio Insolera as Hacker
  • Jason Wong as Stevens
  • John Douglas Thompson as Larry Marks
  • Hiten Patel as Ahmed-Imam
  • Leo Staar as Grady
  • Oleg Kricunova as PyotrKhasanov

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