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An innocent boy, Trevor, is sentenced to life in a high-security prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His only hope lies with the storybook “Trevor: The Musical” which he discovers late at night while locked in his cell. Despite its fantastical nature, this captivating tale of friendship and redemption speaks to his troubled heart and helps him confront the reality of his situation.

CNS Productions presents “Trevor: The Musical”, with a message of hope and redemption. With catchy music and dance, this tale shatters the walls of a dark prison cell and tells the story of how a young man and his fellow prisoners find faith in themselves when they are at their lowest.

What is the Release date of Trevor: The Musical?

Release date is 24 June, 2022. Trevor: The Musical will be open at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. The premiere production was directed by Robbin Mishkin and based on a book by Jay Presson Allen with music and lyrics by Tom Kitt, a Tony Award-winning Broadway composer who had just been nominated for a Tony for his work on “Gigi”.

Trevor: The Musical is an original musical. It was written by Jay Presson Allen for CNS Productions and the book is based on Robin Mishkin’s original story. This musical tells the story of an innocent young man who is falsely convicted of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to life in prison.

Who are the casting of Trevor: The Musical?

The cast of Trevor: The Musical features some of Broadway’s brightest stars. The musical features a young man, whom is falsely convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, and whose only hope for redemption lies in the storybook “Trevor:

The cast of “Trevor: The Musical” featured some of Broadway’s brightest stars. The cast included; Alyssa Emily Marvin, William Hagelberger.

What is the story of Trevor: The Musical?

The story of Trevor: The Musical is a fictional story. It follows an innocent convicted man named Trevor. He is falsely accused for a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to life in prison, which turns out to be harder than he thought it would be. He soon finds out that there is no hope for redemption because of his past record, but Trevor is comforted by the fictional storybook world that he discovers. It tells him about his life and brings hope back into his life.

When the story begins, Trevor and his fellow prisoners Robby & Donnie are hard at work on the prison yard. They are preparing to paint a mural that will cover an entire dirt wall. Robby is painting the sky above it, while Donnie is painting a sun. The music and lyrics of this song describe how all of the prisoners are thinking about how bad their situation is and how they just want to be thought of as people again, instead of animals. The musical then cuts to a flashback that depicts Trevor’s childhood. When it begins, we see a young Trevor reading the book, which is titled “Trevor the Musical.” He and his mother walk in from the garage back into their living room.

What are people saying about Trevor: The Musical?

Trevor: The Musical has received good reviews. Some Broadway fans have said that it is a play that can be performed anywhere and they would like to see it in the west cost long term. The theatre community is suggesting that “Trevor” should be performed at the Lunt-Fontanne, instead of just being presented at the Intrepid Center for Space Exploration outside of New York City.

Some people have said that this play is a great play that allows people to see the story of Trevor and how he escaped from prison. They say that it is mind blowing and can make them think about what it would be like to be in his situation.
Robby & Donnie are working on painting the mural in the prison yard. They have been hard at work all day. After a while, they look up and see that the local officer is here.

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