Silver Spring community mourned for the woman killed in an apartment fire

Silver Spring community mourned for the woman killed in an apartment fire

Community members and loved ones gathered in front of the Arrive Silver Spring apartment complex in Maryland on Thursday night. This was in honor of the life of Melanie Diaz, who was killed in an apartment fire. Sobalvarro, her boyfriend, also described her journey to Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service from Coconut Creek in Florida. He even talked about how she cracked for the job offer at the Aspen Institute. Diaz was killed while 15 others were injured in the fire event on Saturday from the living room of an apartment on the 7th floor. It led to a total loss of $2 million, leaving 400 people homeless.

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Diaz’s boyfriend, Sobalvarro, talked about her.

Sobalvarro talked about Melanie stating, “At school, she always had the biggest smile.” He added, “If she ever saw somebody left out, she would bring them into the crowd.” He had posters of her images alongside stuffed animals while he went on describing her love for her dogs, Ella and Sammy. He said, “What speaks to Melanie is that when they found her, they found her hugging Sammy and Ella.” He kept adding to it, “She removed her jacket and covered them to maximize their ability to live. That’s who Melanie was — she was a giver. She was a fighter.” A memorial mass service is scheduled at Georgetown University for Melanie on Saturday afternoon.

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Melanie’s acquaintances remember her on her death.

Odalys Roblero talked about the routine trips to Ulta and Starbucks along with Diaz. He said, “Every time I felt alone, she would always be there.” Yeabe Fekade went into her unit in December, saying that the er apartment was condemned. She was further planning to move into a different apartment in Silver Spring. Another seven-month pregnant woman, Yohana Woldi, said she had a horrible experience in the fire incident.

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