Maryland Gov. Wes Moore named a veteran: Leading the agency as Superintendent

Recently, a news conference was conducted in Annapolis on Thursday. Thus, Moore has announced that the current acting superintendent Lt. Col. Roland Butler, was all set to take up the job in a permanent role. Butler had served approximately three decades with the Maryland State Police and then went named as the acting superintendent by then-Gov. Larry Hogan in November. Finally, Butler has led the Field Operations Bureau in the recent role overseeing the police barracks across the entire region.

Butler speaks to reporters.

Butler shall be the first African American who would lead the Maryland State police. He shall be assigned to handle all the challenges he might have to come across while dealing with the agency, including that of a federal investigation. Also, the state troopers were asked to issue the tickets in a quota system; thus, there have been hiring practices and allegations. The Baltimore banner first reported this story. Butler further spoke to the reporters wherein tov. Wes Moore had picked Butler to lead the Maryland State Police permanently. Moore even said that, according to him, Butler was the only one who understood the challenges within an organization, and they even had the core vision and the fortitude to help us lead through!

Maryland News

Unacceptable quota systems: Butler stated to the reporters

Butler continued his speech to the reporters, saying that quota systems are unacceptable and that we should hold people accountable for only what they have been charged to do, which is perfectly acceptable. He further went on to say, “I will not support quotas. I will not support inappropriate behavior. We’re here to safeguard the communities and the people within Maryland.” Moore even expressed concern about the staffing challenges they must face in recruiting applicants for the state police force. Moore even spoke about his 122 million investment in state aid for local law enforcement agencies, including the $5 million “to protect Marylanders against all sorts of hate crimes.”

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