Potato dreams of America: So much you need to know

In 2021, Potato Dreams of America will be released as a major motion picture. This is the story of Potato’s journey from China to America and his quest to find happiness in an unfamiliar world. He starts off with small potatoes and ends up becoming a large potato who has everything he could ever want – but Potato finds out that all the money and power in the world can’t make you happy if you’re alone. Potato eventually learns that the most important thing is to find friends and family who love you for who you are, and Potato Dreams of America is a celebration of the American dream of finding happiness in a new land.

Potato Dreams of America will be released on July Fourth weekend 2021 and is sure to become a classic film. The story of Potato’s journey from China to America is one that will touch your heart and make you believe in the power of dreams. So don’t miss it – mark your calendars now for Potato Dreams of America!

Who is the cast in Potato Dreams of America?

The cast of characters in this classic story is as follows:

Potato – A young potato who dreams of going to America. After he escapes China, his journey takes him through the deserts and over a large mountain before finally arriving at Ellis Island where he can fulfil his dream!

Auntie Maa-Maa (voice by Ziyi Zhang) – Auntie Maa-Maa is an elderly Chinese woman living with her daughter, Mrs. Wong. She tells stories about Potatoes from around the world that have made it big in America like “Twelve Toed Tom” whose feet had 12 toes so they could drive really fast down the New York highways. Mrs Wong (voice by Amy Hill) – Mrs Wong is a wealthy Chinese woman who lives with her elderly mother, “Auntie” Maa-Maa. She was very close to Potato when he lived with them; however, she does not understand why Potato chose to leave for America instead of staying with them…especially since Potatoes are meant for eating…not acting or singing!

What is the Plot of Potato Dreams of America?

Potato Dreams of America is a comedy musical about Potato Wong, who journeys to New York City looking for his American Dream. Potato gets caught up in the world of show business after meeting an agent and landing a gig singing backup vocals at a Broadway show…a job Potato loves but one that doesn’t pay him very much money.

Potato’s big break comes when he meets a beautiful young woman named Sarah (voice by Kristin Chenoweth) who falls madly in love with Potato…and Potato starts falling hard too! Potato proposes marriage to her on their first date and she accepts….but then things start going downhill fast between them as they prepare for their wedding day over eight long years later because Sarah just isn’t ready. Potato is heartbroken but realizes he needs to move on and get a real job in order to make some money so that Sarah will be pleased when she finally does marry Potato. Potato goes back to his agent (voice by Zach Braff) who admits the only gig Potato can book him for is at a fast-food restaurant…and Potato has no choice but to take it!

What are some reviews on Potato Dreams of America?

Potato Dreams of America has been reviewed by Potato and Potato’s family for Potato. The reviews were overwhelmingly negative, with Potato calling the film “a slap in the face to potatoes everywhere!”

Potato Stories: a collection of short stories about how Potato met his wife Sarah…another sequel is in production called “Potato Meets His Wife” starring Zach Braff as Potato’s agent who sets up all his jobs… Yes, there will be an actual movie starring Potato and Sarah Marshall this time (the fake couple from the first two films) because even though they are no longer dating it turns out that their shared love of movies brought them back together again but only so long as those movies remain unmade.

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