Did “Jules” die at the end of the film, or gave way for a sequel? What keeps You Alive finale explained! Click to know

What Keeps You Alive is a thriller film that actually belongs to the Canadian origin. It was originally premiered on 24 August 2018. Clin Minihan is known as the writer and director of the film. The movie has got a star cast of Hannah Emily Anderson and Brittany Allen. During the shooting for the film which took place in Muskoka, Ontario, What Keeps You Alive premiered for the world on 10th of March, in the year 2018 at the SXSW Film Festival.  Later on, it also aired at various other film festivals including, Popcorn Frights, Cine Apocalypse, Inside Out, and the Sydney Film Festival.

For the distribution in the United States, the IFC midnight has acquired the rights. It also became available via video based upon demand. What keeps you alive, has successfully managed to receive a good amount of positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. Besides, the movie has also gained a rating of 6.96/10. While going through some of the statements from certain critics, the movie has managed to spin an exciting horror film. It is a smart, stylish, and well-narrated tale that has got the introduction of LGBTQ characters.

What Keeps You Alive: Cast  

The thrilling horror film basically consists of an ensemble cast. The cast of the film typically includes:

  1. Brittany Allen in the character of Jules
  2. Martha MacIsaac playing the part of Sarah
  3. Hannah Emily Anderson playing the character of Jackie
  4. Charlotte Lindsay Marron who is playing the role of Young Jackie
  5. Joey Klein playing the character of Daniel

What Keeps You Alive: Plot

The plotline of the film is thrilling and is sure to drive your interest. It keeps the viewers on edge until the last minute. What keeps you alive introduces two major characters, Jules along with his wife, Jackie. 

The storyline of the movie actually begins as the couple decides to explore a remote cabin during the event of their first wedding anniversary. Suspicions begin to arise as the movie starts to proceed, and we see that Jackie’s old friend visits and call her Megan. Besides, we see that Jackie tries to brush off the doubts from Jules, but she is no way convinced about it.

Later on, Jules goes off to meet Sarah and he gets to discover the truth. Sarah further informs that while she was in school, a girl named Jenny got drowned in the lake. Jules finds it extremely surprising to know that Jackie didn’t ever mention Jenny. However, Jackie brushes Jules off once again while saying that she believes it was her fault. We also see how Jules tries to come to terms with the information, and thus, Jackie throws her off a cliff.

While the movie was going in a motion, we came across a twist in the story when Jackie finds Jules, while trekking down the cliff and he was lying seriously injured over there, yet alive. Hence, the story begins with a couple who are set at each other’s throat. The film involves murder, mystery, and thrill along with a lot of bloodsheds.

What Keeps You Alive: Ending Explained                              

The ending of the film made people confused. Later on, the viewers have questions related to the fate of Jules. The creators of the film had made the finale an open-ended one. Besides, it might be an indication of a sequel as well. 

Towards the ending of What Keeps You Alive, it explained as if there was a point by point for you! We see Jules to survive the first fall, but she is severely injured, yet alive. We also see how she scrambles her way back to the cabinet, and that she has now realized that Jackie is a Psychopath. There was yet another scene where Jules finds a box hidden in one of those walls. On opening the box, they found that there were pendants similar to the one that Jackie had gifted Jules. On connecting the dots, she realizes that Jackie previously murdered all the women that she had married.

Jackie lures women, kills them and then takes their cash, that’s what the pattern follows! Later on, Jackie also informs that she never loved any of the women she murdered, not even Jules. Jackie’s only goal was just to make the cash in Jules’s insurance policy and make a living out of it.

We even saw how Jackie kills Sarah and her husband, Daniel towards the end of the film. Next, she moves on to Jules since she persuades her to assist him in disposing off the bodies. Jackie pushes Jules off the cliff all over again, and this time, she believes that the job is complete. Also, we see how she makes a pretentious phone call to the cops.

The characters have something else in store for the spectators. Jackie had diabetes, and she injected herself with a dose of insulin. However, she realizes that the insulin was Hydrogen peroxide, and she got to know about it via a farewell video of Jules. The blood begins to clot in Jackie’s system, and thus, she gets a stroke. Finally, we see that Jules is lying at the bottom of the cliff, with her eyes wide open. Suddenly, a gasp of breath is heard which indicates that Jules might be alive even after all that! Last but not the least; we see her surviving the fall again. This time, it was one of the women who taught a lesson to Jackie!

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