Padma Awards 2024: Honoring the Pillars of Indian Excellence

The Padma Awards are one of the highest civilian honors in India, awarded to individuals for their exceptional and distinguished service to the nation in various fields such as arts, literature, industry, education, sports, medicine, social service, and public affairs. The Padma Awards 2024 continued this prestigious tradition by recognizing the contributions of various luminaries and unsung heroes who have uplifted the spirit of India through their dedication and excellence.

Overview of the Padma Awards

Categories and Significance

The Padma Awards are classified into three categories: Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri. The Padma Vibhushan is awarded for exceptional and distinguished service; it is the second-highest civilian award in India. The Padma Bhushan is given for distinguished service of a high order, and the Padma Shri is awarded for distinguished service in any field. These awards seek to recognize achievements in all fields of activities or disciplines where an element of public service is involved.

The Awardees of 2024

Celebrating Achievements Across Various Spheres

The list of Padma awardees in 2024 was a diverse one, featuring individuals from different backgrounds, regions, and professions. Prominent figures and unsung heroes alike were honored, with the awards highlighting the breadth of talent and service across the nation. For instance, Venkaiah Naidu was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for his exceptional service to the nation in public affairs.

The Ceremony

A Momentous Occasion

The Padma Awards ceremony is a significant event, usually held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and presided over by the President of India. It is a moment of great pride for the awardees and a solemn occasion that underscores the importance of recognizing excellence in various fields.

Stories of Inspiration

Unsung Heroes in the Limelight

Among the list of awardees, there are always stories that stand out and inspire the nation. The Padma Awards 2024 was no exception, with several awardees being individuals who have made significant contributions without seeking the limelight. For example, the awards highlighted the work of 34 ‘unsung heroes’ who were awarded the Padma Shri for their tireless service and dedication in their respective fields.

Here is the complete list of winners with the field for which they have been honored: 

1. Parbati Baruah (67): Padma Shri | Social Work (Animal Welfare)

2. Chami Murmu (52): Padma Shri | Social Work (Environment – Afforestation)

3. Jageshwar Yadav (67): Padma Shri | Social Work (Tribal – PVTG)

4. Sangthankima (63): Padma Shri | Social Work (Children)

5. Gurvinder Singh (53): Padma Shri | Social Work (Divyang)

6. Dukhu Majhi (78): Padma Shri | Social Work (Environment – Afforestation)

7. K Chellammal (69): Padma Shri | Others (Agriculture – Organic)

8. Sathyanarayana Beleri (50): Padma Shri Others (Agriculture – Cereal – Rice)

9. Hemchand Manjhi (70): Padma Shri | Medicine (AYUSH – Traditional Medicine)

10. Yanung Jamoh Lego (58): Padma Shri | Others (Agriculture – Medicinal – Plants)

11. Somanna (66): Padma Shri | Social Work (Tribal – PVTG)

12. Sarbeswar Basumatary (61): Padma Shri | Others (Agriculture)

13. Prema Dhanraj (72): Padma Shri Medicine (Indigenous – Burns)

14. Uday Vishwanath Deshpande (70): Padma Shri | Sports (Coach- Mallakhamb)

15. Yazdi Maneksha Italia (72): Padma Shri Medicine (Indigenous – Sickle Cell)

16. Shanti Devi Paswan & Shivan Paswan (Duo): Padma Shri | Art (Painting – Folk – Madhubani)

17. Ratan Kahar (88): Padma Shri Art (Vocals – Folk – Bhadu)

18. Ashok Kumar Biswas (67): Padma Shri | Art (Painting – Folk-Tikuli)

19. Kallu Kathakali Guru (79): Padma Shri Art (Dance – Classical – Kathakali)

20. Uma Maheshwari D (63): Padma Shri | Art (Storytelling – Harikatha)

21. Gopinath Swain (105): Padma Shri | Art (Vocals – Bhajan – Odia)

22. Smriti Rekha Chakma (63): Padma Shri | Art (Textile – Weaving – Loin loom)

23. Jankilal (81): Padma Shri | Art (Theatre – Folk – Rajasthani)

24. Narayanan EP (67): Padma Shri Art | (Dance – Folk – Theyyam)

25. Bhagabat Padhan (85): Padma Shri | Art (Dance – Folk – Sabda Nrutya)

26. Sanatan Rudra Pal (68): Padma Shri | Art (Sculpture)

27. Badrappan M (87): Padma Shri | Art (Dance – Folk – Kummi)

28: Jordan Lepcha (50): Padma Shri | Art (Craft-Bamboo)

29. Machihan Sasa (73): Padma Shri | Art (Craft – Pottery – Black)

30. Nepal Chandra Sutradhar (82): Padma Shri | Art (Craft – Mask Making Chau)

31. Omprakash Sharma (85): Padma Shri | Art (Theatre – Folk – Mach)

32. Dasari Kondappa (63): Padma Shri | Art (Music – Instrument – String Burra Veena)

32. Dasari Kondappa (63): Padma Shri | Art (Music – Instrument – String Burra Veena)

33. Babu Ram Yadav (74): Padma Shri | Art (Craft – Brass)

34. Gaddam Sammaiah (67): Padma Shri | Art (Dance – Yakshagana)

The Impact of the Padma Awards

Encouraging a Culture of Excellence

The Padma Awards play a crucial role in fostering a culture of excellence and motivating individuals to contribute to the nation’s progress. By honoring the achievements of people from all walks of life, the awards also serve to inspire the younger generation to pursue their passions and commit themselves to the service of India.

Key Takeaways from Padma Awards 2024

  • The Padma Awards are a prestigious recognition of service across various fields in India.
  • The 2024 awards continued the tradition of honoring both renowned personalities and unsung heroes.
  • Venkaiah Naidu was among the notable recipients receiving the Padma Vibhushan.
  • The ceremony is a significant national event that brings together people from diverse backgrounds.
  • The stories of the awardees serve as a source of inspiration for the entire nation.
  • The Padma Awards encourage a culture of excellence and recognize the spirit of selfless service.

The Padma Awards 2024 not only celebrated the remarkable contributions of individuals to Indian society but also highlighted the rich tapestry of talent that exists across the nation. These awards stand as a testament to the power of individual contributions in shaping a better future for the country.

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