Who Is SteveWillDoIt?

morningsidemaryland Staff : Stephen Deleonardis is more widely known as Steve Will Do It (SteveWillDoIt), the name he uses in his social media handles and YouTube channel. He is a famous American YouTuber. Going by his Instagram bio, he is ‘The Healthiest Man Alive.’ He continues to amuse people with his sheer creativity and unique, entertaining ideas through his content and videos. He possesses this exceptional skill of consuming alcohol in bulk quantities, and this very attribute of him amazes the audience all over the world. Besides, he is also a member of NELK Entertainment. Let’s look at some of the answers to some possible questions that you may have regarding your popular YouTuber.  Read also : Understandable Have A Nice Day- Meme Interpretation

How Old Is Steve Will Do It? 

Stephen Deleonardis was born in Oviedo in Florida, on 26th August 1998. Presently, Steve Will Do It (SteveWillDoIt) is 22 years old. Not much is known about his past and his family members. 

What Did Steve From NELK Get A Felony For? 

According to a recent video uploaded by the NELK Boys, it is exposed that Steve possesses and consumes both marijuana and drugs. He has been charged with a felony on the grounds of owning marijuana and drugs along with the act of driving, even when his driving license was suspended. This event occurred in 2017, way back when he was not that popular as he is now. Moreover, many of his video uploads were deleted from both Instagram and YouTube due to the startling acts that he performed in those videos. 

What High School Did SteveWillDoIt Go To? 

SteveWillDoIt received his secondary education from Oviedo High School. Later, he attended Frostburg State University for higher education. 

The career of SteveWillDoIt At A Glance

  • Steve’s journey as a YouTuber began in 2019 where he usually posted videos of challenges and succeeded in eating bulk amounts of food, water, and cannabis as a way of entertaining the audience. Prior to this, he used to post his videos on Instagram. 
  • In the same year, that is, 2019, Stevel became a part of the NELK. 
  • Steve got featured in a show of games in September 2019. 
  • In one of Trump’s presidential election campaigns, Steve was invited by Trump to dance on the stage while the music of Y.M.C.A. was playing in the background. 


What surprises the audience the most is that SteveWillDoIt claims to have good health while he outrightly defies all the norms to have a sound health system. The amount of intoxicating beverages he consumes is sure to make someone fall ill easily, but Steve seems to be an exception. No doubt, his enormous intake capacity fills the audience with wonders and paves the path for his further success. 

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