Must Watch: Former WWE Icon The Great Khali loses his composure in this funny viral video

The Great Khali is favourite of so many people and it has been so long that he parted his way long ago. But nowadays it seems that he is in rage. This news is swinging with rumours and this was found during a Tik Tok video. Although, the video was shot inside an electronic store and Khali there took down top megastars and this includes the likes of the Undertaker, Batista, John Cena.

When Khali got angry?

Khali, the former world champion, is recently in the news because of the dispute he had to face with a shopkeeper. He went there to return the defective laptop but the shopkeeper denied. By balancing the situation Khali asked him either change the defective laptop or return his money. But that salesman was in no mood of doing either of them. Then Khali threw the laptop there at the shop and walked away. This video ended with the laptop lying shattered on the ground. 

The Great Khali’s illustrious pro wrestling career

Khali, former world champion made his debut in the time of smackdown in April 2006 and that is the first episode after the historic Wrestlemania 22. He interfered in the match between The Undertaker and Mark Henry. Khali has a very bright career the way he played in the past. Because of that, it set reputation and respect for him. His illustrious career which lasted for almost a decade from 2006 to 2014. He secured every time his world championship i.e. the world heavyweight championship in the year 2007, July. This was when he became the first-ever Indian world Champion in the History of WWE. Although, he had to lose the title just two months later when he lost his Batista at Armageddon 2007 in a Triple Threat and this also involved Rey Mysterio.

Glorious Khali lost his anger 

Well, he is known for making India proud but recently a Tik Tok video is going viral. Many making many assumptions on his image and saying this man lost his anger. Although we all have seen videos clearly showing that he does not want to go things this way, nothing was favourable at that moment. He tried first that he could get his laptop finely but when the salesman did not agree he threw that laptop there in anger. Although he did not beat the salesman he just got angry at him. The video is clearly showing that he tried convincing the shopkeeper but he did not agree so he got so angry at the salesperson.

The video is catching fire because it has Khali. Khali did not say anything yet and he did not give any reaction to it. Instead, he is quite on this matter. His fans are waiting for him to reply to this. Let’s see what he says. This tik tok video is available on many platforms and you can see what is in the video. You can see how your favourite WWE star threw a laptop but most importantly why he did so. 

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