Miami Mom Allegedly Attempts to Hire Hitman to Kill 3-Year-Old Son

An 18-year-old mother from Miami, Florida, is facing charges after allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to kill her 3-year-old son. According to reports, the mother, who has not been named, used a fake hitman website to arrange the murder of her child.

The mother reportedly agreed to pay $3,000 for the hitman’s services. However, the hitman was an undercover police officer alerted to the mother’s plot by a concerned citizen.

The mother was arrested and charged with solicitation to commit murder and using a computer to commit a crime. She is currently being held in jail without bail.

According to reports, the mother had been struggling with mental health issues and sought help from a therapist. It is unclear if the mother’s mental health played a role in her decision to try to have her child killed.

This is not the first time someone has been accused of using pandemic relief funds to hire a hitman. In February 2022, a woman in Florida was accused of using federal Paycheck Protection Program funds to hire a hitman to kill a rival. The woman was charged with murder and is currently awaiting trial.

The use of fake hitman websites has also become increasingly common in recent years. These websites claim to offer hitman services but are run by law enforcement agencies. The websites are designed to catch would-be criminals in the act, and have led to numerous arrests and convictions.

Calls for Increased Mental Health Support for Mothers

The case of the Miami mother has sparked calls for increased mental health support for mothers. Many advocates are calling for more resources to be available to mothers struggling with mental health issues.

According to the American Psychological Association, postpartum depression affects one in seven women. The condition can cause various symptoms, including anxiety, sadness, and difficulty bonding with the baby.

Experts say that mothers struggling with mental health issues need more support and resources. This can include therapy, medication, and support groups.

The case of the Miami mother is a tragic reminder of the importance of mental health support for mothers. As more attention is paid to this issue, advocates hope that more resources will be available to help mothers in need.

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