Mayor Scott signs a Huge $4.4 billion budget for Baltimore. This is a good sign.

On June 24th, 2023, Mayor Brandon Scott signed the $4.4 billion budget for Baltimore, which includes investments in education, public safety, and infrastructure. The budget also includes a $55 million investment in job creation and workforce development and a $90.4 million investment in homeless services.


The budget was praised by many for its focus on social programs and investments in the city’s future. However, some have raised concerns about the sustainability of the budget in future fiscal years.

Concerns for future fiscal years

While the $4.4 billion budget has been hailed as a win for Baltimore, some are worried about the financial sustainability of the budget in the long term. The budget relies heavily on federal funding and grants, and there are concerns that these funds may not be available in future years.

There are also concerns about the city’s ability to generate revenue and balance its budget in the face of rising costs and declining tax revenues. Some critics argue that the city needs to do more to attract businesses and investment to the area to generate more revenue and reduce its reliance on federal funding.

Despite these concerns, Mayor Scott remains optimistic about the city’s future and the budget’s impact on its residents. He has pledged to continue working to improve the city’s financial stability and create opportunities for all Baltimoreans.

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