Mayor Scott officially nominates Richard Worley as Baltimore Police Commissioner.

Mayor Brandon Scott of Baltimore has officially nominated Richard Worley to serve as the city’s next police commissioner. Worley, who is currently the deputy commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department’s Operations Bureau, will replace former commissioner Michael Harrison, who stepped down earlier this year.

Worley has been with the Baltimore Police Department for over 25 years and has held several leadership positions. He is widely respected within the department and the community for his commitment to public safety and his efforts to build trust between the police and the community.

Mayor Scott praised Worley’s leadership and experience, saying that he was the right person to lead the department at this critical time. He emphasized the importance of community policing and said that he was confident that Worley would work to build strong relationships between the police and the community.

The nomination now goes to the Baltimore City Council for approval. If approved, Worley will become the city’s 42nd police commissioner.

Baltimore community reacts to the nomination of Richard Worley as police commissioner.

The nomination of Richard Worley as Baltimore’s next police commissioner has been met with mixed reactions from the community. While many have praised Worley’s experience and leadership, others have expressed concerns about his ability to address the systemic issues within the department.

Some community leaders have called for a more comprehensive approach to reforming the police department, including greater accountability and transparency. They say that the department has a long history of misconduct and that more needs to be done to restore trust between the police and the community.

Others have expressed support for Worley, saying that he has a proven track record of working to improve community relations and that he is the right person to lead the department at this critical time.

The Baltimore City Council will now review Worley’s nomination and hold a confirmation hearing before making a final decision. The community will be closely watching the process and weighing in on the future of the Baltimore Police Department.

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