Maryland State Police Train K-9 Dogs To Travel On MSPAC Helicopters


Maryland State Police is announcing a new technique for transporting its K-9 dogs to locate missing persons and detect explosives. An MSP dog and handler climbed aboard an MSPAC helicopter earlier this in an effort to help minimize the dog’s “future anxiety.”

Maryland Missing People

K-9 dogs are utilized in the police force in various situations. Their duties include but are not limited to searching for illegal drugs, explosives, and crime scene evidence, as well as taking down suspects.

Belgian Malinois, Bloodhounds, German Shepherds, Retrievers, and Dutch Shepherds are the most common canine breeds utilized in the police force. The dogs undergo extensive training to perform specific duties along with their partners in law enforcement.

In the United States, it is a criminal offense to “intentionally” injure or kill a police K-9. In some states, the severity of the offense is a Class C Felony. Police K-9 dogs have a long way to go before they are put on the same pedestal as officers. Intentionally killing an officer is a Class A Felony in most states.

The minimum penalty for the offense is 500 community hours (Arizona), compared to the maximum of 15 years (Florida). In Maryland, the offense is 3 years max.

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