Maryland man charged for impersonating police officer

A Maryland man got arrested and charged. He was carrying a loaded handgun in his vehicle along with other police gear. The Police reportedly observed him at a mall while he was impersonating a police officer. His name was Robert Muschette Jr., 53 years old. He was taken into custody on Thursday in the Mall at Prince George’s parking lot, according to the Hyattsville Police Department. The officers noticed a dark green Ford Explorer driving in the mall’s parking lot at around 11:25 p.m. It moved with red and blue emergency lights on in the front windshield. Muschette Jr. claimed initially that he worked for “D.C. police.” Later, he was admitted by a special police officer with a security agency.

A little brief on Muschette Jr

According to the investigators, Muschette Jr. worked for a security agency. He was only authorized to have yellow lights on his vehicle. As per the investigators, he said a police-style badge, ballistic vest, ammunition, a loaded handgun, handcuffs, and apparel with “police” written on it. All these were found in his car. The Police said he is prohibited from possessing firearms under Maryland law. He even had prior misdemeanor convictions. Muschette Jr. faces multiple charges, including that of impersonating a police officer. There was a loaded handgun in the vehicle of the suspect. Muschette Jr. had encounters with citizens as he represented himself as a police officer.

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