Maryland Man Wins $580,000 Lottery Prize Thanks to Clerk’s Mistake

A Maryland man is celebrating after winning a $580,000 lottery prize, all thanks to a clerk’s mistake. According to UPI, the Upper Marlboro man purchased a lottery ticket he wouldn’t have commonly bought because the clerk made a mistake. The man told Maryland Lottery officials he asked for a Racetrax ticket, but the clerk accidentally printed out a Keno ticket. The man decided to keep the Keno ticket, which turned out to be a winning ticket worth $580,000.

Lucky Streak Continues for Maryland Lottery Winners

This is not the first time a Maryland resident has won big due to a mistake. In 2021, a Salisbury man won a $100,000 lottery jackpot after the accidental purchase of two Powerball tickets, according to UPI. In another instance, a Maryland woman won $50,000 after accidentally pushing the wrong button on a lottery vending machine, as reported by UPI. It seems like Lady Luck is smiling down on Maryland lottery players who are capitalizing on the mistakes of others.

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