Maryland Expands Abortion Access

Maryland is expanding access to abortions, making it one of the most progressive states in the country for reproductive rights. In 2022, Maryland lawmakers overrode Governor Larry Hogan’s veto to allow trained medical professionals other than physicians to perform abortions. This change is part of a bill expanding abortion rights and aligns with the state’s commitment to protecting women’s health and reproductive freedom.


Advocates Celebrate Maryland’s Progressive Stance

Advocates celebrate Maryland’s progressive stance on abortion access, especially in the face of restrictive laws being passed in other states. As other states enact abortion bans, Maryland is becoming a sanctuary state for women seeking to terminate pregnancies. Del. Ariana B. Kelly, D-Montgomery County, has noted that Maryland will likely become a haven for women seeking abortions. Expanding abortion access in Maryland is a step forward in the fight for reproductive rights and sets an example for other states.

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