Landlord Frustrated by Scammers Stealing Her Rental Listings

Landlord Frustrated by Scammers Stealing Her Rental Listings

Gina Brown, a landlord who owns several small homes and rents them out, is one of many landlords who are increasingly frustrated by scammers trying to rent their properties out and stealing deposit money from young renters. Brown says that scammers copy her ads from popular rental listing websites such as Zillow, and then post them on other sites to attract renters.

This problem is not unique to Brown, as many other landlords across the country have also reported similar issues. In fact, a recent article from NBC News highlights a “fake landlord” home rental scam that is destroying lives in Detroit.

Renters looking for a new place to live should be aware of this growing problem and take steps to protect themselves. One way to do this is to only work with reputable landlords and to verify the legitimacy of any rental listings before making a deposit or signing a lease.

As for Brown, she is continuing to fight back against the scammers by reporting their fraudulent ads to the appropriate authorities and warning potential renters about the dangers of these scams.

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