Is Front Camera Meme Star Walter the Dog Actually Dead?

Although, not all know about Walter the Dog but somewhere or the other you must have heard about the image of a dog and so many memes are made on his face. This dog is famous for facing the front camera meme and there is close up of his face and memes are made with that. The image was first took attention in the year 2018 and this picture was posted by the owner of Walter. When his owner had posted this picture he put the caption, When You open the front- facing camera on accident’. This tweet received around about 45,000 likes then canine was even got dubbed ‘Walter the Dog’ by the internet and the original name is Nelson. 

Rumours about Walter the Dog 

Well, like all other rumours this too has become news for the discussion. Since, Walter the dog has stopped appearing everyone has started looking for him and asking about him, where he and everyone are is just discussing about him. This picture has started getting circulated on the Twitter and many users started giving their condolences on his passing. 

People on his death (Walter’s death) 

When the article came by, they posted an article which featured several of the photos which even rendered a bull terrier with various gunshot wounds. The headline came with the article ‘’Pana Walter The Dog that People Use His Face to Make Staring Meme Has Passed Away’. when this article and headline people started taking screen shot of this and started sharing screen shot and offering their prayers and condolences. But this news left many people shocked and full of questions this incident was not expected by the people. Everyone always got so entertained by it and that is why, this news was completely unexpected and unwanted. 

Was this news really real?

The current owner of Walter, Victoria Leigh recently denied the news of death rumours on the dog’s instagram page. Then Victoria also declared that the instagram account of Walter is not yet verified but the number of followers is 200,000 followers and it is quiet big one. Then she also clarified that this dog is not the same dog about which they are talking and discussing. In fact, this dog is a different one and of course it is not Billy. This photo was shot in the times of robbery in Philadelphia in February if 2020. 

Her official statement 

She has given her official statement in which she has declared about the image and she has also that she does not know who has posted such images. But Nelson is still alive and safe and secured and the news which people are spreading is quiet shocking for me as well as. But those who are spreading such kind of fake news, I just want to request to them, please do not spread nay fake news and be patient I will clear everything about it more. Although, Victoria cleared this that, although, Nelson had got injured but now Nelson has started recovering and soon he is going to be fine. And I really want to give him a tag of bravery and recognition for his awesomeness’. Indeed he deserves so because he has saved and stopped a robbery. So nelson is one of sincere dog who is truly a loyal and trained one. So we all must pray for him and thank him, possibly send him good vibes and lots of blessings. Just want to request people send love vibrations so that nelson soon joins all of us. 

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