Storage Wars Star Barry Weiss Needs another reality Show ASAP

Table of Contents Hide Is Barry Weiss alive?Accident of Barry an incident to remember Where is Barry Now?A soft corner for the customers  Barry was last seen in the year 2015 in a show but now those days have spent. Many fans of Barry want to know what happened to Barry. Although, when anything like…

Barry was last seen in the year 2015 in a show but now those days have spent. Many fans of Barry want to know what happened to Barry. Although, when anything like this takes place fans do their own speculations and put their own stories on his disappearance. There are even many people who do not know that when Barry had disappeared all of his fans do not know what exactly happened. He was at the height of his career and it gave him so much of popularity and other thing. 

Is Barry Weiss alive?

So basically fans have cooked number of stories and many had even started saying that he died. But as per the sources Barry had left because moving back to his original job of the ‘professional slacker’’. 

Accident of Barry an incident to remember

So yes, Barry was hit by a heavy accident when he was on motorcycle with his friend, Jamie. As per the news a car suddenly pulled out of the parking space and then Barry and his friend Jamie just got hit by it. This was a severe accident and Barry got hit into his chest and legs and this caused him a heavy internal injuries and broken bones, according to TMZ. Then he got admitted to the ICU for a longer period and went through several of surgeries on his back and femur. 

Where is Barry Now?

Barry is currently involved into export and import business with fruits and vegetables in the partnership with his brother, ‘’He said of his first job’’. This business got embarked on by his grandfather so he joined his grandpa’s business. Even though he got involved with his own ancestors’ business but his fan still remembers Barry for so many reasons and when they want to see him every time on the screen. Now Barry has also become a grandfather of a little boy whose name is Jack. So he is busy in both his business and with his little munchkin grandson Jack. In an interview too, he stated that even he is not doing shows he has plenty of things on his table to serve his time to the best time. 

A soft corner for the customers 

There is always a soft corner for his fans and he has never stopped his fans from reaching out. They are the ones who will always get doors open whenever his fans want to visit. Barry always solved his fans equally as his fans loved him and he always appreciated the love, respect and all the concern they had. His fans have been the most important part of his journey because whatever he has done it was supported by his fan, they had also loved everything. It is their beauty that they are always ready to give love and respect and it is because we also love to work hard and give our hundred and ten percent. Whenever, my fans want to reach out to me they can do and I am always available and in network to connect with them. 

You can follow us for more news on anything we are here to bring all the news. Although, Barry recently had given an interview in which he said, he would like be part of a different kind of reality show. But he is definitely kept his door open and he wants to be part of good memories and also said about ‘I’d really like to do that and travel the world because that is what I like to’. 

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