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In The Land of Leadale: Anime Release Date, Cast And Plot

In the Land of Leadale is a new anime that will be released in Japan soon. This article discusses the release date, cast, and plot of this exciting show!

What is the release date of In the land of leadable anime?

It looks like a new anime will come out at the beginning of next year. In the trailer, you can see that it will be released sometime in January 2022. More information about a specific date will probably come in the next few months.

You are wondering when people will be able to see the movie. We think that it will be on Crunchyroll, but there is no confirmation of this yet. After all, other movies from Maho Film have gone to the streaming service Netflix. It has also happened with some TV shows. Maho Film is still a new animation studio, so keep your ears open for more news about what they are doing.

What is the plot of In the land of leadable anime?

Cayna is on life support after a horrific accident. She can’t move, but she enjoys playing the MMORPG “World of Leadale”. One day, she woke up and her life was different. The character she played in the game is now her. She has lived for 200 years and 200 days.

Cayna decides to go into a new world. This is where she played with her characters when she was still alive in the present. Some of the people there might be dead, but for the first time in a while, Cayna can hope again. Cayna gets to experience life as an elf.

This book is different than other manga and anime. There isn’t any blood and gore, and the adventures are not as hard. The anime should also follow the same path, making it appropriate for younger audiences too.

Who will star in the anime?

In the Land of Leadale, we want to stick closely to the original story and we already know who will voice some of the main characters. One of these is Cayna, voiced by EriYukimura. Cayna had an accident. She doesn’t remember what happened after she lost consciousness. When she woke up, everything was different. There were elves and magic in the place of her old life, which is like a game she played long ago.

In the Land of Leadale Anime Gets New PV, Cast, Premieres January 2022
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Cayna will have some help as she travels through the world with different people. The people will help her. Skargo can heal, and Mai-Mai can use magic to attack. Some people like to read books. These books may be about different things, like peace and order. Some characters in these books are KeinaKagami, Let, and Luine.

Many great anime shows have ended in 2021. You can watch these shows on your TV. People love this show, but it is over. When an anime ends, two more come to replace it.

In 2021 there will be a lot of endings, but we can look forward to new beginnings in 2022. One highly anticipated anime that is coming out in the next few years is “In the Land of Leadale.” Based on a Japanese novel, six books have been published. This story takes place in a new world with magic. There will be an anime about this book and you can watch it too.

The In the Land of Leadale novels were posted on the Japanese website ShousetsukaniNarou from November 2010 to May 2019. You can read them now in their print edition with illustrations by Tenmaso. Or you can read them online at Comic Walker and Web Display Comic.

Keina loves to play the VRMMORPG Leadale. When she wakes up in Leadale, she finds that it is not the same as before. China does not like this new land and wants to go back home.

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