How to Hide TV Cables?

After paying big bucks to cable TV providers to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on a television screen, the last thing you want to look at is a tangle of cable and loose cords dangling down the wall. Luckily, there are a few inexpensive and quick fixes to this trivial problem, and anyone can easily do it on their own. Let’s have a look at some of these easy-to-follow tips and tricks: 

Attach Cords at the Back of Your Furniture

Hanging cords vanish quickly when you tie them up to the silhouette of the furniture placed near them. For this, you have to stick cord clips along the edges of your furniture. Press and hold the clips for at least 30 seconds and then leave them untouched for about an hour. After that, you can hook in all cords and have them run aptly down the legs of your instrument. 

If you are looking for ways to hide charging cords at your table, then this tip works great for them as well. 

Stash Cable Wires in Plain Sight

Seeing cable cords dangling from your TV mounted on a wall distracts you from maintaining focus on the screen. Get these out of your sight by investing in cord covers. For installing and hiding cable wires, you need to determine the length and width of the wall between the floor and bottom of the screen. Whatever number you get is the cord cover’s length you need to have. We recommend adding a few inches more to the actual length, so it does not fall short.  

Cord covers are usually available in neutral colors like gray or white that are easy to notice if your wall paint is of different color. However, if your wall and cord cover are of the same color, then they blend in together more beautifully.

Conceal Cable Wires behind Walls

One of the best solutions for hiding your TV cable cords is to run all the wires behind the wall through a recessed cable plates. Move your TV aside or remove it from the wall and look for a wall section free of studs. The two ideal positions for these are near the power outlet and behind your TV screen. Once you find the points, use a utility knife to make cuts. The cuts should be big enough to fit cable wall plates and run the TV cords in and out of the wall. 

Insert Cord Chaos into Tubing

Cannot handle the mess of cords in your office and homes for TVs, PCs, printers, phones, and similar daily usage devices? A cable wrap can resolve all your frustrations. It provides a quick and convenient way to combine all your loosely dangling cords. All you have to do is bunch all wires together and wrap the 2-foot long piece of pliable foam grip tubing around them to confine them into one.  Thanks to the clinging shape, you can redirect wires from the bundle so they can extend anywhere they have to go. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have learned how to sort out your jungle of cords, it is time to marathon top-rated TV shows. All you need is a reliable cable service like Spectrum TV that offers exceptional features so you can enjoy anything you want to watch on the big screen from the comfort of your home.

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