Goblin season slayer 2 :- Everything you should know

The universe of Anime is quite popular which has many genres. One such genre is dark fantasy and “Goblin Slayer” is categorized under it. The writer for the anime is Kumo Kagyu while Noboru Kannatsuki takes care of illustrations. 

Post the highly acclaimed success of manga along with anime series, there was a television adaption which came into being and was telecasted from October 7 to December 30, 2018. 

Goblin’s Crown had its release on February 1, 2020

There were 12 episodes which made a beautiful part of the first season. Well, the show makers did assure about the possibility of the show to move forward, yet the official announcement is awaited. You should know the following things which comprised of the second season:-

There has been mixed response about the show from audience and critics regarding the first season.

Is there a release date for season 2?

There have been lots of controversies which became a part of the show as it contained lots of sexually graphic scenes. However, there was a beautiful side on other side as it equally contained awesome fanbase. Although, the show is renewed for second season, yet there hasn’t been an official date as such. It was initially predicted to release in the fall of 2020, but as the coronavirus fiasco hit the world, now this has pushed further to 2021

What is the plot?

The plot takes you to another world which is full of fantasy. The group of men is on a mission to fight goblins and giving them company is the priestesses which are inexperienced in their job. This is where, the priestess finds herself surrounded in an extremely challenging and dangerous situation while she is tackling group of goblins. 

Has the trailer hit as yet?

Currently, there has been no trailer released for second season, but is expected to release in future

Is there any spoiler available for the show?

During the finale of the show, one message which gave optimism and hope was that “Goblin Slayer will return!”

The television adaption used little source material, hence, the chance that the show will return is highly possible , but the exact date is not yet known. 

On February 1, 2020, the movie titled “Goblin Slayer: Goblin Crown” was released, but the exact time is not known. However, the second season will  portray a new enemy in the form of “Dark Elf”  who is a part of evil sect.

The kind of controversy surrounding the show

Right through the first episode, the controversy seems to go with the flow. The show began where the young priestess was shown to join an overage party of people as they are going on an adventurous drive for rescuing group from nest of goblins. 

However, it wasn’t happening as per plan and the journey was short of essential supplies. The controversy related more to the visuals of assault. It was hard for many to digest the scenes, as the show comprised of various sexual scenes as well. 

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