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You can now easily download a version of Shazam for your Windows PC. It will easily allow you to identify and follow the lyrics of any audio or song captured by the microphone of your PC without any trouble at all. 

Earlier, it was really very difficult to find out the name of that song that we have either heard from somewhere, or liked on the radio or had come across in a certain TV advert. It mainly required being with the right person who knew that song to exactly tell you the name of it. However, with the advent of Shazam, music identification and recognition has become a job to be settled right at your finger tip. This app is basically developed for both the iPhone and Android devices as well. You can now use it on your Windows PC too! 

The natural environment for this software doesn’t depict its mobile app version only, but you can also avail it on a PC too! Whether you are watching the TV or listening to a song on a show or a movie on Netflix, you need not worry much. No matter even if you are hearing that song all of a sudden, you can easily press the button and pass it on to figure it out immediately. Just press the button and wait for a few seconds, and this app will recognize any song.

This app is easily available to download and you may choose to fetch it for either your smart phone or your tablet, at any time. However, it is available at free of cost, and thus, you need not pay anything extra for it. It simply connects you to an online database to help you learn about the basic details of the song you were tuning up to! The listicle basically includes, the source, name, author or artist of the song, and the album it belongs to! Also, it mentions the copyright issues, and the possibility to download this track legally in the MP3 format. It generally works in the mobile app version, but you can even consider an android emulator such as BlueStacks to run the apk file smoothly. 

The developers of Shazam decided to remove this software from the Windows store right during the commencement of 2017 after actually releasing it around 2 years before. Hence, there is no such thing as that of a native version for Microsoft OS even though there are a plenty of other online alternatives such as Midomi or TuneFind.

Main features of Shazam for PC

  1. It is capable of recognizing and identifying almost any tune: songs from the radio, adverts, or any other soundtrack.
  2. It also helps you get hold of the lyrics so that you can keep singing all along!
  3. It shares your activity and discoveries on Facebook and Twitter as well as via SMS or email.
  4. It helps in accessing the video of the song hosted on YouTube.
  5. It provides a list of most identified songs.
  6. It also provides user profile with activity history.
  7. It allows you to read opinions about the albums and the biographies of artists right there on the platform.
  8. You can use the application while browsing and with other applications simultaneously. 
  9. It offers a customized experience to the user. 
  10. Its personalized user experience is one of the major reasons for its popularity. You can access the history of music, and make it public as well. This will allow you to turn up to people with similar tastes. 

What is new in the latest version?

Bug fixes.

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