Michelin Tires: Making History and Driving the Future

When people think about tires for their vehicles, one of the first names to come to mind is Michelin. This company is the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world, and it offers one of the broadest selections available to vehicle owners and operators. Over the decades since its founding, Michelin has built a reputation for excellence in its field. While the company is known for its modernness, innovation, and keeping up with the evolving needs of the public, its history actually dates back to the beginning of the tire industry.

A Look Back in Time

Michelin’s story began in France back in 1832. At first, the company manufactured farm equipment and rubber balls. In 1889, its founders decided to turn their attention to tires. Just a couple of years later, they created the first detachable bicycle tire. Michelin tires won their first race that year, the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race. By 1898, the automotive industry was taking off, and Michelin got in on that industry as well. They created tires that made vehicles run on air. The following year, Michelin’s automotive tires made history when they beat the world speed record on an electric vehicle. Things only grew bigger and better from there.

Dominating the Industry

Today, Michelin sits at the top of the tire sector. Their tires continually excel in a wide range of areas. They consistently earn high ratings according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s tire grading system. This system rates tires based on several factors, including treadwear, traction, and heat resistance. Grades range from AA in the highest slot to C in the lowest. Of course, Michelin products don’t see the lower ratings as some manufacturers do.

Strong Suits of Tires from Michelin

When it comes to value and advantages, tire shoppers can’t go wrong with Michelin. One of their major selling points is their lengthy treadwear warranties. Some of their products are rated for 100,000 miles. Unlike most manufacturers, Michelin even applies a treadwear warranty to their winter tires. Most manufacturers opt out in this field because of all the factors affecting wear, traction, and other aspects during the winter months.

Tires made by Michelin also offer greater efficiency than many other manufacturers. They’re composed of lightweight rubber and generate less rolling resistance, meaning they require less energy from vehicles to keep them moving. This helps improve fuel efficiency and performance, so those who run tires from Michelin on their vehicles may have lower fuel costs without sacrificing a comfortable ride. On top of those benefits, tires made by this company are known for providing excellent traction regardless of the road conditions at hand.

Understanding the Costs Involved

As many vehicle owners can attest, tires from the Michelin company fall on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Though some varieties only cost about $90 per tire, others can cost more than $500 apiece. Most of their standard tires range from $100 to $200, though. Many people shy away from this brand because of the cost. Still, when you purchase cheap tires and have to replace them after 15,000 miles or so, you actually spend more in the long run than you would with a higher-quality brand that surpasses 100,000 miles.


Michelin continues to hold true to its roots in manufacturing bicycle and racing tires, but the company has certainly branched out since the early days. These days, they offer a tire for every vehicle, need, and budget. Beyond the tires themselves, Michelin is committed to reducing waste and using worn-out tires for many other purposes rather than allowing them to sit idle in landfills.

For well over a century now, Michelin has been making a name for itself in the tire industry and building a reputation for superb quality. Since the company is known for innovation, no doubt, it will continue to meet the growing and changing needs of vehicle owners in the future. Whether you’re looking for tires for a commercial vehicle or one that’s barely driven, consider choosing one of the world’s top brands.

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