Former Maryland attorney general calls for strategic action against Baltimore’s escalating gun violence

Former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler has called for strategic action to be taken against the escalating gun violence in Baltimore. In a recent interview, Gansler expressed his concern about the rising number of shootings in the city and called for a comprehensive approach to address the issue.

Gansler served as Maryland Attorney General from 2007 to 2015 and has been a vocal advocate for gun control measures. In his interview, he emphasized the need for a multi-faceted approach to address the problem of gun violence in Baltimore.

According to Gansler, this approach should include measures to address the root causes of violence, such as poverty, lack of access to education and job opportunities, and mental health issues. He also called for increased funding for law enforcement and community-based organizations and increased support for programs that provide job training, education, and mental health services to at-risk individuals.

Gansler’s call for action comes from a recent surge in gun violence in Baltimore. According to the Baltimore Police Department, there were over 300 homicides in the city in 2022, the highest number in over a decade. The majority of these homicides were the result of shootings.

The problem of gun violence in Baltimore is not new, and it has been not easy to address. Despite efforts to increase police presence and crack down on illegal guns, the city has struggled to bring the violence under control.

Gansler’s call for a comprehensive approach to the problem is an essential reminder of the need to address the root causes of violence and to provide support for at-risk individuals. Taking a multi-faceted approach to the issue may reduce the number of shootings in Baltimore and provide a safer environment for all residents.

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As Gansler stated in his interview, “We need to do more to address the root causes of violence and provide support for those at risk. It is time for us to come together and take action to make our communities safer.”

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