Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Suspenders For Men In Style

Suspenders are a great addition to a stylish man’s wardrobe. They are easy to wear and can work for just about every occasion. Whether you want to add elegance to your usual work attire, throw some finesse into your casual clothes, or stand out at an upcoming event, there’s a perfect suspender for it.

understanding fashion cycles and seasons

Suspenders are a fashion staple that has stood the test of time and transitioned through decades. There are multiple styling options, and to successfully pull them off, you’ll need a deeper understanding of the art of pairing. What colors go best with which? What does the width of the suspenders go with? Do you do button-on or clip-on?

Here’s everything you need to know about wearing suspenders for men, or you can see more here.

The Basics Of Pairing Suspenders

There are two basic types of suspenders, the kind that’s buttoned on trousers and the one that attaches to your shorts or trousers with clips. Here’s a simple guide on how to wear the two, at what width, sizing, fitting, and whether to wear X-backs or Y-backs.

Styling Button-on Suspenders

Button-on suspenders are slightly more formal than clip-on. Wear them with pants with six hidden buttons on the inner side of the waistbands. If your trousers don’t have these, you can have a tailor place them. 

Styling Clip-on Suspenders

Clip-on suspenders easily attach to almost every type of trousers, making them more versatile. These suspenders are more on the casual end. They look great with city shorts, fashion-forward attire, and funky jeans. 

X-back Vs. Y-back

If your suspenders hack a criss-cross on the back, seemingly forming a letter X, those are X-back suspenders. If they instead join at the mid-back section to form a single strap that appears like the letter Y, those are Y-back suspenders. The Y-back suspenders are the trendier option. Unless you’re having an issue keeping your trousers up or have sloped shoulders, the Y-back is generally the go-to choice of suspender connoisseurs.

Choosing Suspender Width

The width of your suspenders is integral to pairing them correctly. A subtle change in width can dramatically improve your entire look. The basics of suspenders for men are the skinner they are, the more casual the whole look should be. Go for wider suspenders for a formal or classic look.

How To Wear Suspenders For Men In Different Environments

There are many suspenders for men to style for different environments, see more here. When rocking suspenders to work or on a formal look, start with classic colors like taupe, navy blue, and black. Coordinate the color of the suspenders with that of your shoes.

For a wedding, choose suspenders that suit your personality. Such an occasion calls for a playful and personal expression of style through suspenders for men.

Generally, always pair the suspenders with a high-quality shirt for formal events. Consider throwing in some French cuffs. They are stylish and eye-catching accessories. Accessorize with natty pocket squares and bowties, or do a full tuxedo for a complete ensemble.

Finally, never wear a belt when wearing suspenders. The two serve the same purpose of holding pants into position.

Become A Suspender Aficionado

Ditch the belts and venture into style exploration with suspenders. As a style enthusiast, adding suspenders to your wardrobe can add an edgy statement to all the looks you pull off. Purchase suspenders with different color hues, widths, X-backs, Y-backs, clip-ons, and button-ons, and start the adventure. Please start with the basics, then work them into your wardrobe to create a personal style. 

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