Ice Storm Gems Predicts 2021 Watch Trends

According to statistics by Berkshire Hathaway, the luxury watch market is expected to grow by about $1.6 billion between 2019 and 2024. The expected growth rate for 2021 is around 3.6%. Several players will dominate the market. Product innovation will be a key driver of growth.

Rolex Will Continue Being the Most Valuable Luxury Watch Brand

Analysts at Ice Storm Gems believe that in 2021 Rolex will remain the world’s most valuable watch brand. Forbes Magazine indicates that the value of the Rolex brand is around $9 billion.

Rolex watches are made in Geneva, Switzerland. They are made with a high level of attention to detail. Rolex produces the most accurate and precise watches in the world. The first waterproof watch was made by the Rolex Company. 

Rolex watches have played an important role in the world of sports. They have featured in major golf, yachting, and golf tournament. Famous athletes who endorse Rolex watches include Roger Federer and Tiger Woods.

Rolex watches are made using patented proprietary technologies. They are made by humans instead of machines. The Rolex Company has invested billions of dollars in research and development. This ensures that they are the world leader as far as luxury watch innovation is concerned.

Ice Storm Gems sells the best diamond rolex watches. They have the most luxurious collection of Iced out AP watches. 

Latest Rolex Models

The latest Rolex models will be announced in Basel world 2021. This is an annual conference that brings together the leading watch connoisseurs in the world. Ice Storm Gems will be there to witness the latest brands and models.   

Gold Watches Will Increase in Popularity

The team at Ice Storm Gems is obsessed with gold jewelry. They have the best collection of gold watches, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings. They believe that in 2021 more consumers will opt for gold watches.

The preference for gold watches is not only due to fashion preferences. It is also because the price of gold is at an all-time high. It is currently retailing at over $1800 per ounce. Therefore, purchasing a gold watch is not only about making a fashion statement. It is also about investing. Gold is the best store of value. The price of gold usually increases when other assets are losing their value. 

Omega Watches

Omega watches are expected to a big hit in 2021, according to the CEO of Ice Storm Gems. That is because more consumers are becoming interested in horology.

Omega is a leading luxury watch brand. Their watches offer top-notch features some of which are not offered by other manufacturers. 

Smaller Men’s Watches

Men have been known to love oversized and bold watches. A watch connoisseur at Ice Storm Gems believes that this trend is slowing down in favor of smaller men’s watches. 

Larger Women’s Watches

In recent years, Ice Storm Gems has seen increased demand for larger women’s watches. This trend is expected to continue in 2021. Rolex women’s watches have increased in size over the last ten years. 

Price Increases in 2021

Experts at Ice Storm Gems believe that there will be no price increases in 2021. That is because the timing is not right. With the current Covid-19 epidemic, most people are experiencing financial difficulties. Therefore, it is not fair for major watch brands to increase prices. The leading brands usually make decisions in a calculated manner to ensure that they are not inconveniencing customers.

The mission of Ice Storm Gems is to ensure that their watches are fairly priced. They match the highest quality standards with affordable prices. With this company, consumers can be assured that they will get maximum value for their investment. All the watches are highly functional and luxurious. They will also last for long.

Models to Be Discontinued

New models will be introduced in 2021. Ice Storm Gems also predicts that some models will be discontinued in 2021. 

Brands will discontinue models that are not popular while the production of popular models will be beefed up.

About Ice Storm Gems

Ice Storm Gems is in the business of luxury jewelry. They are particularly known for their high-end watches, bracelets, engagement rings, pendants, and chains.

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