Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Release Date, Plot, And Star cast!

Easter Sunday is a holiday on April 4, 2021. Easter is a Christian celebration that starts the day after Good Friday. It is a celebration of Jesus coming back to life from death. Easter is the day that Jesus died. People fast for 40 days and pray. Then they eat a big meal and celebrate Jesus’ death. Easter is a time when nothing else happens because it’s not on any other day besides Saturday or Sunday.

Easter is a holiday that marks the end of Lent. It starts on the evening before Maundy Thursday and ends on Good Friday. It includes Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Jesus died and then he came back to life. Jesus conquered the evil things that are in the world, like sin, death, and the physical body.

People prepare food with symbols of spring, like lamb and ham. They also eat asparagus and beans. And they eat bread that might have crosses on it.

The comedian, Jo Koy, is in the movie “Easter Sunday.” He is making his starring role debut. He is on Chelsea Lately and was in the Jabbawockeez. The film is loosely based on Koy’s life, and anyone who has seen his stand-up comedy knows that it will be a funny movie. In his recent Netflix special “In His Elements,” he talked about how he was from the Philippines. So the new movie will probably be just as funny.

What is the release date of Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday" (2014): A Flawed But Admirable Homage to Eighties Slasher  Films - Gruesome Magazine

Easter Sunday is going to be released for people to see in theaters on April 1, 2022. It will be out a little more than two weeks before the actual Easter Sunday holiday. Thanks to the multi-year licensing deal that begins in 2022, “Easter Sunday” will also air on Showtime, The Movie Channel, and Flix. It will air on Showtime’s multiplex linear channels and streaming service too.

What is the plot of Easter Sunday?

According to the official website for this film, a stand-up comedian called Jo Koy stars in this movie. He is going home to visit his family. His family is all Filipino and they have so many jokes and stories that he tells all the time.

Koy is known for telling stories about his family. He has a funny stand-up. His film might be called “Meet the Parents,” or “I Love You, Man,” or “Office Christmas Party.” He will make a movie about his family, and it might be something like those movies.

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Who will be starring in Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday is a movie that has been made by many people. It has been directed by two people who also did The Lego Movie. They have helped with a lot of other movies too. It is executive produced by four people and they all-star in the movie too. The film comes to us from DreamWorks in partnership with Universal Pictures and Amblin Partners. Jay Chandrasekhar of “Super Troopers,” “Club Dread,” and “The Dukes of Hazzard” are set to direct the script from comedian and YouTuber Ken Cheng.

Amblin did something really good in the movie. They filled the cast with funny people and some of the best Filipino actors in film today. Jo Koy is the main person in this show. He plays himself. Tia Carrere stars as his sister, Tia Teresa. Brandon Wardell plays Junior, Eva Noblezada plays Ruth, and Asif Ali plays Tony Daytona. Eugene Cordero appears in the show too, he played himself in it. Lydia Gaston, Jimmy O. Yang, Rodney To, Jay Chandrasekhar, and Tiffany Haddish have also been cast in not-yet-named roles.

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