Campaign for DA Price asks U.S. Attorney to investigate recall signature fraud claims.

In a significant development in local politics, the campaign for Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price is calling for federal intervention over allegations of fraudulent activity related to the ongoing recall effort against her. The controversy has escalated as both sides of the recall campaign present conflicting accounts.

Recall Effort Against DA Price

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price has become the subject of a recall campaign that has recently reached a critical milestone. The campaign has submitted a petition with the required number of signatures to trigger a recall election potentially. This political move has been met with significant resistance from Price’s supporters.

Allegations of Voter Fraud

The campaign supporting DA Price has alleged that there has been widespread voter fraud in the collection of signatures for the recall petition. They claim that individuals were misled into signing the petition, which has prompted calls for a thorough investigation into the signature-gathering process.

Request for Federal Investigation

Amidst these serious allegations, the campaign for DA Price has taken the extraordinary step of asking the U.S. Attorney to investigate the claims of fraud. This request suggests that the campaign believes the alleged misconduct may have violated federal laws, warranting a deeper look by federal authorities.

Opposition to the Recall

The campaign against the recall effort has been vocal about its opposition, citing concerns about the validity of the signatures collected and the overall integrity of the recall process. They argue that the alleged deceptive practices undermine democracy and could potentially disenfranchise voters.

Group opposing Price recall claims ‘widespread voter fraud’

The Future of DA Price’s Tenure

The request for a federal investigation marks a pivotal moment in the battle over DA Price’s political future. As the U.S. Attorney’s office considers the request, the outcome of this investigation could have significant implications for the recall effort and for Price’s tenure as District Attorney.

Recall campaign against Alameda County DA Pamela Price paid thousands to security firm tied to its own leader, records show

The situation remains fluid, with both sides awaiting the next developments. As the community watches closely, the issue of electoral integrity remains at the forefront of this political saga.

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