Real ID Maryland – What To Know

The Real Id Act was passed by Congress in 2005 and enacted by the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation that the Federal Government set standards for the assurance of identification documents including driver’s license. The Act sets forth minimum security standards for the issuance of driver’s license.

It also prohibits Federal agencies from accepting certain driver’s licenses from states not meeting the Act’s standards. October 1, 2020 is the Real ID deadline. What does this mean for Marylanders? Drivers found using a license that does not comply with Real ID rules may have their license confiscated by police.

Maryland law requires drivers to possess a valid license meaning they will no longer be able to drive once their license is confiscated. Right now, it is estimated that 1.8 million Maryland residents have a license that is not compliant with Real ID laws.

Some of the 1.8 million have received a license with a star but they have not submitted the necessary paperwork. In late 2018, Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration started notifying drivers that they would need to get a new license before the October 1st deadline.

What Is The Maryland Real ID?

Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration has been issuing Real ID cards since 2016. However, it did not require applicants to submit the identification documentation required by the Department of Homeland Security until recently.

Therefore, some residents with a star on their license may not be in compliance with the law. Certain documentation must be submitted before the October 1st deadline. The Real ID intends to make identity documents more consistent and secure.

Without a Real ID, Maryland residents will no longer be able to access federal facilities. They will also be prohibited from boarding commercial airplanes. There is still have plenty of time to obtain a license that complies with Real ID laws.

Before heading to their local MVA office, Marylanders will want to collect the necessary documentation.

Maryland Real ID Check License Status

Residents who have the star on their license but aren’t positive it is compliant can check the status of their Real ID online. To do that, Marylanders can visit the Real ID Lookup tool on the official MVA website here.

If the lookup tool answers “YES”, the applicant will need to submit documents to the MVA.

4 Items are Required

To obtain a REAL ID, consumers will need to present four pieces of identification. They’ll need to present proof of age and identity. This could be a birth certificate, adoption records, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, a United States Passport, or other documents.

They’ll also need to have proof of social security. This can be the original Social Security Card, W-2 Form with the resident’s name and entire SSN, or a SSA-1099.

Two proofs of residential address are also required. Property tax receipts, telephone bills, utility bills, insurance cards, Maryland vehicle registration cards, and other documents will suffice.

A full list of acceptable documents can be found at MDOT MVA’s Online Document guide here.

Make A Maryland MVA Real ID Appointment

Once the appropriate documentation has been collected, the applicant will want to make an appointment for their Real ID visit. Once the applicant has proceeded through this link, they will be asked to schedule an appointment for their Real ID visit.

An appointment guarantees that the applicant will be seen within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment time. When visiting their local MDOT MVA office, applicants are encouraged to look for the appointment only check in sign.

This will allow them to skip the standard check-in line and get out much quicker.

Finding An MVA Office

Maryland residents are required to visit an MVA office when obtaining a Real ID compliant license. They can use the MVA website to find their nearest MVA location. The service also provides the average wait times for each location. Again, it is possible to skip the wait by scheduling an appointment in advance.

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