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Bull: The American Legal Drama’s 6th Season Not Returning In September

The show was renewed for a sixth season in April 2021. The 6th season was scheduled to return on October 7, 2021.

Unfortunately, season 6 will get delayed with the other shows featuring on CBS. The last season was already a year late, and this time, while the season is getting delayed again, the audience is getting anxious about the next season.

Along with the Bull, many other shows are put into the delay list. The channel is facing too much rush in producing all the shows on time. Therefore, the team is working hard to release every show in time with a bridge for the viewers to enjoy each show.

Plot Around the Legal Drama

In Bull, a dramatic American legal drama television series on CBS, Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) is a trial psychologist hired by two warring parties to help their lawyer with jury selection and other preparations for the case. Bull has been trained in psychology and neuropsychiatry since he was 10 years old when his father died of a heart attack following an argument at work.

Bull’s methods are unorthodox, but he quickly gains a reputation for being someone who can find people’s “Achilles’ Heel.” Bull is not without its flaws though; it is not as successful as many would hope because it tends to be slow-paced and repetitive.

Season 1 of the Bull premiered on September 20, 2016. Bull has received generally positive reviews from critics and was included in the list of “TV’s Best Shows” by Rolling Stone.

Release Dates for the 6th Season

Though the CBS network announced the delay of the show, it still has not confirmed when Bull Season 6 will premiere. However, according to previous announcements from the network, Bull Season 6 should be released later this year by December, or the show will hit the channel in 2022.

As per the reports, many other shows are delayed by the network this year. We can assume that Bull Season 6 is also pushed to another date or season for this reason.

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Fans have been waiting for the release of Bull Season 6. We will have to wait till the network confirms a new date for it.

Cast Starring in the 6th Season

The Bull stars Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull, Freddy Rodriguez as Benny Colón, Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan, and Jaime Lee Kirchner as Cable McCrory. Freddy Rodriguez will, unfortunately, leave the show as his tenure ends with the production house.

The show will have David Furr as a recurring actor for the character of Greg Valerian. Bull is produced by Amblin Television, CBS Television Studios, and Steven Spielberg’s company. Paul Attanasio serves as the executive producer for the show along with Michael Weatherly.

What Can We Expect from the 6th Season of Bull?

The 6th season of the series, Bull will be the most awaited one as the story unfolds from Bull’s life after being married to Marissa. The show is based on Dr. Phil McGraw and his work at Trial Sciences, Inc., a jury consulting firm in Washington D.C.

The series Bull has been able to keep its audience hooked with every season so far and have made their way into our hearts. The following season is expected to maintain the charm Bull has been able to bring into our lives till now.

The show is expected to deal with Bull’s family life as well as his professional work and how both aspects influence each other. After being married to Marissa, Bull seems more focused on providing a better living for her, which takes away from his trial consultancy business, but he also finds a way to live his life.

Watch the lives of Bull and his team get more entertaining in Bull Season 6!

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