Bazm e Zaki Kadapa Monthly Mushaira

Zaheer danish, Sattar Sahir and sattar Faizi
Zaheer danish, Sattar Sahir and sattar Faizi

According to the information of Mr. Anwar hadi, on Saturday, October 92, a monthly Mushaira was organized by Bazm e Zaki. Zaheer Danash Umari presided over it, Mr. Sattar Faizi organized it, and Mr. Khawaja Pir Mukhlis was invited as a special guest. Among the poets,Satar Sahar, Mehboob Khan Yusufzai, Ghos Khan Arif, Sardar Sahil, Anwar hadi, Maqbool Ahmad Maqbool, Mahmoud Shahid, Imtiaz Saqib, Satar Faizi were included.

Anwar Hadi, Mahmood Shahid, Ghouse khan arif

President of Mushaira Mr. Zaheer Danish Umari gave some suggestions

President of Mushaira Mr. Zaheer Danish Umari gave some suggestions like different literary associations of Kadapa have their separate goals. And determine the objectives, for example, the publication of the poetry of the ancient poets of Kadapa or the publication of the ancient books of Kadapa, the annual mushaira, etc.

Gazals of Sattar Sahir, Mehmood Shahid, Sattar Faizi and Anwar hadi Liked By Audience.

Khawaja Pir Mukhlis thanked the officials of Bazm for their participation as a special guest and appreciated the literary activities of Kadapa. Organize a big annual Mushaira in which external poets are invited, Mr. Anwar hadi made a very good suggestion that every three months a prose session should be organized by Bazm e Zaki. The theme of the life and services of Mr. Syed Darwish Qadri Zaki was given. After serving tea and biscuits, the meeting ended with the thanksgiving of Mr. Mehboob Khan Yousafzai. Gazals by Mr. Sattar Faizi, Mahmood Shahid, Sattar Sahar and Anwar Hadi. Liked.

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