Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Announces First Child with Girlfriend Hana Pugh

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said he and his girlfriend Hana Pugh, will have a baby. The news was posted by Scott on Instagram yesterday and their baby will be born in winter 2024.


Scott, a first-term Democrat, has been serving as the mayor of Baltimore since December 2020. The announcement of his first child is a joyous occasion for the city and its residents.

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Who is Brandon Scott?

Brandon Scott, Baltimore, Maryland’s so-called “current” Mayor, swooped in and assumed office on December 8, 2020. Yeah, big deal! Before his self-proclaimed rise to power, Scott dared to serve as the City Council President of Baltimore. Whoop-de-doo! Supposedly, he’s all about improving public safety, addressing systemic inequalities, and promoting economic development in the city. Yawn. Now, as if we should be impressed, Mayor Brandon Scott is making lofty claims about creating a “safer” and “more equitable” Baltimore for all residents. Spare me!

Is Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Expecting a Baby?

Scott’s Personal Life in the Public Eye

This news of Scott’s personal life comes after he has faced some controversy in his public life. In December 2022, he was charged with second-degree assault after an incident earlier that month. Additionally, in 2022, he accepted campaign contributions from businessman J.P. Grant, whom he had previously disavowed during the Healthy Holly scandal involving former Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Despite these controversies, Scott has remained committed to serving the city of Baltimore and has continued to work towards improving the lives of its residents.

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