Is Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Expecting a Baby?

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott has been making headlines recently, but not for his political achievements. Rumors have been circulating that the 37-year-old mayor and his wife, Maria, are expecting a baby. While the couple has not confirmed or denied the rumors, many are speculating about the possibility of a new addition to the Scott family.

The Rumors

The rumors about Mayor Scott’s alleged pregnancy started when a photo of him and his wife at an event showed what some claimed to be a baby bump. The photo quickly went viral on social media, with many congratulating the couple on their news.

However, others have been more skeptical, pointing out that the photo could be misleading or that the bump could be due to other factors. Some have even suggested that the rumors distract from more pressing political issues in the city.

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No Confirmation

Despite the rumors, Mayor Scott and his wife have not confirmed or denied the news. When asked about the pregnancy at a recent press conference, the mayor declined to comment, stating that he does not discuss his personal life with the media.

While the lack of confirmation has left many wondering, it is important to respect the couple’s privacy and not jump to conclusions. Whether or not the rumors are true, Mayor Scott’s focus remains on his duties as the leader of Baltimore, and he is committed to serving the city to the best of his ability.


As of now, the rumors about Mayor Brandon Scott’s alleged pregnancy remain unconfirmed. While the possibility of a new addition to the Scott family is exciting for many, it is important to remember that the couple’s personal life is their own, and they have the right to keep it private. Regardless of whether or not the rumors are true, Mayor Scott’s commitment to Baltimore and its residents remains unchanged, and he will continue to work tirelessly to make the city a better place for all.

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