Baltimore County police Youth Advisory Council to address teenagers' concerns

Baltimore County police Youth Advisory Council to address teenagers’ concerns

The Baltimore County Police Department has launched a new initiative to address the concerns of teenagers in the area. The department’s Youth Advisory Council, which consists of 23 high school and college students from across the county, will work to identify issues that affect young people and provide recommendations to the department on how to address them, according to Baltimore County Police News.

The Youth Advisory Council will meet regularly to discuss mental health, substance abuse, bullying, and community relations. The council will also work to develop and implement programs that promote positive interactions between young people and law enforcement. The council’s efforts are part of the department’s ongoing commitment to building positive relationships with the community, particularly with young people.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the Youth Advisory Council was created in response to the growing need for police departments to engage with young people and address their concerns. The council provides a platform for young people to voice their opinions and contribute to developing policies and programs that affect them.

The Youth Advisory Council is a positive step forward for the Baltimore County Police Department and the community it serves. By engaging with young people and addressing their concerns, the department builds trust and fosters positive relationships with the next generation. As the council continues to meet and address the concerns of young people in the area, we can expect positive changes that benefit the entire community.

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