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Arrow Season 9: Will It Going To Happen? Fans Waiting For The Next Season

Arrow season 8 ends Oliver Queen’s story. Arrow’s story continues with season 9. Arrow Season 7 was over. It was revealed that Stephen Amell’s Green Archer, Stephen Amell, would die in Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. That would mark the end of Oliver’s Arrowverse story.

The five-part event started with Oliver’s death in the first episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Lazarus Well was brought back to Oliver by his friends. Jim Corrigan stopped their attempt to restore Oliver’s soul into his body. Oliver agreed to be transformed into a Specter by Corrigan. Like its comic-book counterparts, Specter rallied and brought the Seven Paragons to the Dawn of Time for a showdown against the Anti-Monitor. Oliver dies fighting against the Anti-Monitor. But the Multiverse is revived and Earth-Prime created.

Arrow Season 9 Won’t Happen

Arrow was renewed in Season 8. Season 8 was confirmed to be a final season of ten episodes. This means that the series is over. Stephen Amell was signed for seven seasons. However, it was decided that he would only continue as Emerald Archer for one more season. Amell said that he is set to return as an Arrowverse guest star at some point in time.

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An Arrow Spin-off Is In Development

The end of Arrow may mean that Arrow will be ending, but the CW still plans to bring back at most some of the characters. Green Arrow and Canaries, a spinoff, is currently developed. Mia and Black Siren are the main characters. Arrow’s Season 8 Episode 9 was the clandestine pilot. It is not yet known if Green Arrow or the Canaries will be part of the series.

How Can The Arrow Story Continue?

Green Arrow and Canaries are the future of Arrow. The stories of three key figures will expand. Two of them are Arrowverse heroes who have been appearing on the show for several years. It could be interesting to members of Team Arrow like Wild Dog or Curtis. Even though Green Arrow and Canaries do not exist, the Arrowverse has multiple series. Diggle has been confirmed for at most one post-Arrow episode, which will air on The Flash. Oliver’s story is finished. At least some Arrow characters have other options.

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