Furious Fans Choose Their Favorite Characters from the Venom 2

The Venom 2 trailer has been released and the internet is going crazy with speculation! Venom, Carnage, Spider-Man, and Venom are all up for discussion. Who are your favorite characters? Vote for your favorite character in the poll below to see who will be crowned this year’s most loved Venom 2 character.

Venom 2 has people who are supposed to be liked and disliked. Some of these people are mean, like Carnage. But there is also a kind person in the movie, Mrs. Chen. Who is the nicest?

9 Carnage

Fans who are not aware of the comics may question whether Venom is related to Carnage. The movie made Carnage the son of Venom. Unlike the comics, Carnage had little to no personality. He just wanted to kill people.

Carnage and Venom are not the same. The carnage did not have any edge like his comic book counterpart. Carnage is interchangeable with Venom because anyone could do the same thing as Carnage in a movie. Carnage had no good qualities. He killed people and was mean to the other members of the team, like Cletus and Shriek.

8 Shriek

The only good thing about Shriek was her love for Cletus. It made viewers want to see them together again. However, she was mean and had no reason to be. She wanted to kill Mulligan for no good reason.

Shriek also spent half of the movie in a psychiatric facility, which did not help her character. It was hard for people to see anything about her other than that she wanted to kill someone. She died and it didn’t make much of an impact. Most people don’t care.

7 Mulligan

Mulligan was a good guy who was brash and mean to Eddie. But he wanted to catch the bad guys, so it’s okay. His attitude can be understood because he was injured on the job and he became hardened by this experience.

Mulligan’s role in the story was not as big as it could have been. He ended up being more of a problem for Eddie and Venom than an ally. Shriek’s torture made him seem sympathetic, but this would not stick in fans’ minds for long after Mulligan was left injured. The expression ‘he turning into the Toxin symbiote in the next movie’ will give promise.


6 Cletus Kasady

Cletus was very good at the part where he warns of upcoming carnage in Venom. He did what he said he would do and became the main antagonist in the movie. Cletus killed many police officers. He did not seem sorry about it.

Still, there was a sympathetic quality to Cletus because of his past. His mother and grandmother both abused him when he was a child. He also had a charisma that made it hard to hate him. He wanted to be with Shriek.

5 Eddie Brock

The deep bond between Eddie and Venom was only known to comic book fans until this movie stressed that point. Eddie’s anger at Venom is understandable. But Venom’s strange charm makes Eddie seem like a jerk for how he treats Venom.

Eddie was a good person. He helped Anne when she needed it, and let her go after she got engaged. Eddie also cared for Venom, who looked up to him like an older brother. He used this to help others by making sure that Venom didn’t hurt them.

4 Venom

Venom is a villain from Spider-Man. In the movie, he says that he wants to eat Spider-Man. After the end of the movie, he does it. He was angry in the movie because he is hungry for brains. It helped that the directors played that for laughs.

Venom was a jerk sometimes, but he cared about Eddie. He behaved like a kid who didn’t understand what he was doing and just wanted to throw tantrums. Venom was funny. He said funny things. We liked watching him develop.

3 Mrs. Chen

Mrs. Chen was shown as the only person in contact with Eddie and Venom who knew their truth. Even though she got annoyed at them, she still had their back sometimes. Mrs. Chen was happy when she met Anne. She wanted to protect the boys from getting their hearts broken because they liked each other.

The banter she shared with the protagonists was nice. Venom insulted her, but she had a comeback for every insult. She was remembered for the way she stood up for herself and her friends.

2 Dan Lewis

It is rare for someone who is your romantic rival to be such a nice person. Dan continued to show this in the first movie. The man came into the battle and helped fight off Carnage. And he rescued Eddie, Venom, and Anne too. Dan was nice because he never held Venom’s insults against him.

Dan was Anne’s love interest and also had a good connection with Eddie and Dan attacked the bad guy with fire when he showed up. People who saw Dan’s movie were happy to see him again in the next movie. This means that they liked it.

1 Anne Weying

It’s too bad that Anne’s role in the movie was smaller than in the previous one. She only appeared at the beginning and for part of the end. The movie showed her to be a good person by showing her keeping in touch with Eddie and taking care of Venom even when she didn’t need to.

Anne’s likability went up when she refused to tell Shriek where Eddie and Venom were. Anne does not hold a grudge against the protagonists even at the end, and it is easy to see why Eddie, Venom, and Dan are in love with her.

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