A Journal for Jordan: Everything You Need To Know

A Journal for Jordan

The movie “A Journal for Jordan” is a drama film. It is based on the book “A Journal for Jordan.” The movie was made by actor Denzel Washington. Adana Canedy wrote a story about her love and honor with Charles Monroe King. At the time, Dana was an editor at The New York Times and had a baby. But Charlie is in Iraq.

The story has been turned into a screenplay. John Burnham Schwartz and Virgil Williams, who wrote “Mudbound” with Dee Rees, helped to make this happen. Washington has directed two other movies, “Antwone Fisher” and “The Great Debaters.” He took a long break before directing an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” After the movie “Fences,” he didn’t direct anything for a few years. It seems like when he finds a project that interests him, then he directs it. In the new movie, Washington will direct again. This time he is directing an emotional movie.

What is the release date of A Journal for Jordan?

Jordan’s Journal was first announced in 2019. It took a long time for the film to be made because it was delayed by the pandemic. Sony Pictures has announced that the movie “A Journal for Jordan” will be released in New York and Los Angeles on December 10, 2021. And then it will come to more cities and towns.

A Journal For Jordan' Trailer: Denzel Washington Directs Michael B. Jordan  And Chanté Adams In Drama Film - SHADOW & ACT

With a release date so close to other movies, “A Journal for Jordan” will have to be good. The movie is not the only one coming out on December 27th. There are also “The Matrix 4,” “The King’s Man,” and “Sing 2.” Some sources say that “A Journal for Jordan” will be released on December 25, 2021. But the more trustworthy date is December 22, 2021.

What is the plot of A Journal for Jordan?

Based on a real love story, “A Journal for Jordan” is about a woman who loves King. It tells the story of her life with King and their time together before he died in Baghdad, Iraq on October 14, 2016. When she lost him, she had to raise their son Jordan by herself. George King left behind a 200-page journal with thoughts, memories, and advice for his son. These are things he wanted to make sure his son knew in case George didn’t make it home from Iraq. Canedy took these writings from King and added her memories and thoughts. Canedy tried to make a story of love and loss that was meant to be passed on to their son in the future.

Is 'A Journal for Jordan' Based on a True Story of Love and Honor?

Oliver J. Canedy was working on his memoir when he looked into Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. He interviewed people who saw it happen, like his fellow soldiers and Iraqis. They all felt loyal to him and admired him, but they also had suffered too much from the war. The movie will show what the soldier’s life was like before he died and what happened after that. Jordan is an old man now, so he will also be in the movie. The real Canedy has gone on to continue her job in the Pulitzer Prizes. She is going to be one of the administrators from 2017 to 2020, and then she can do a better job in July 2020 when she becomes a senior vice president and publisher in Simon and Schuster.

Who will be starring in the film?

Washington will not be acting in the movie “A Journal for Jordan.” Instead, Michael B. Jordan who many know from “Black Panther” and “Creed,” The movie has a person who will play the lead role of King. Other people are actors too. You can see their names on IMDb.

It is not clear who these people are. But the young actor, Jalon Christian, is likely playing a character named Jordan. He is an older character that looks like the baby of the two main characters in this movie and he might be their son. In the movie “A Journal for Jordan”, there are other characters. Some of them are played by Susan Pourfar, Vanessa Aspillaga, Cleveland Berto, and Joey Brooks.

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