Encounter: All You Need to Know

It’s becoming harder and harder to avoid the fact that a certain type of movie — the mid-budget feature — is finding new life on streaming services, especially during this ongoing pandemic. For a long time, big event films like “Avatar” and “E.T.” were only in theaters. But recently, more and more people watch them at home on their TV screen. Day-and-date releases are popularized by Disney+ and HBO Max. This is where movies release on the same day as they do in theaters. Movies that were once only in theaters are now available to watch at home with Amazon Prime.

Encounter is a movie that starts at the Telluride Film Festival. It has an indie favorite, Riz Ahmed, and it looks like a throwback mid-budget film. But its sci-fi premise should make it popular with people who like this type of film. On Amazon Prime Video, there is a new sci-fi film called “Encounter.” It’s an action thriller. You will not want to miss it.

The film is called “Invasion.” It was made by a man named Michael Pearce who won an award for it. The movie was written by Joe Barton. There are not many details about the movie, but that is not always bad. It is good to be surprised and not know everything about the film. The film saw its world premiere at the 48th Telluride Film Festival on Sept. 3 to positive reviews, such as Riz Ahmed’s performance (no surprise there), the score, and the overall theme of a love story between a father and his sons.

What is the release date of Encounter?


Encounter is being released in theaters on December 3, 2021. One week later, it will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video on December 10, 2021. The film had its first showing at the Telluride Film Festival on September 3, 2021. It then was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival a week later. Some people liked the movie, but others did not like it as much because it had a messy script. This evens out to a 60% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

What is the plot of Encounter?

Encounter is a book about a man and his 2 sons. Aliens invade and they must go on the road to survive. It mixes things like family dramas and sci-fi, so it’s really interesting. Two people who seem to have different lives meet because of luck. Cha Soo-Hyun (Song Hye-Kyo) has an important family and Akari (Lee Min Ho) has nothing. They get together because they are in love with each other. She was married to a rich family but then divorced her husband because he had affairs. Her mother-in-law agreed to the divorce condition that Soo-Hyun had to attend.

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One day someone she met on a business trip in Cuba meets her again, but this time he is working at the hotel that received her alimony. They like each other, but they don’t know what will happen.

Who will be starring in it?

This movie was directed by a man named Michael Pearce. He is known for a film in 2017 called “Beast,” and also helped write the script with Joe Barton. They have made scripts in the past for “Humans,”  “The Ritual,” and “My Days of Mercy.” Benjamin Kracun is the cinematographer for “Beast,” “Monsoon” and “Promising Young Woman.” He also handled the camera work for “Encounter.”

Riz Ahmed is the main character of this movie. He used to be a Marine, but now he has two sons that he needs to protect. Ahmed commented that he is color-blind and played a character in the movie who was originally named Marcus and had no background.

If you envision a new character, then it could give it a layer that a returning war veteran would have. There are more stakes and it will be more specific and have more layers of psychological conflict.

Ahmed is joined by Octavia Spencer and Lucian-River Chauhan. They both star in “Hidden Figures,” “The Shape of Water,” and “Instant Family.” AdityaGeddada, who is making his on-screen debut, also stars as Khan’s two sons. Ahmed calls Chauhan “very professional, very good at what he does.” Ahmed says Geddada is “nice, energetic and always happy.”

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