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6 Unique Places to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

The world is a whole of truly beautiful places that fall off the tourist path. Every travel experience is enhanced by the unknown, and if you want to discover the world honestly, make each trip a trek into a part that few have seen. From locations steeped in ancient history to remote jungles teeming with wildlife, this planet is rich in opportunities to learn and explore. Consider these six unique destinations for your next excursion.

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1. Antarctica 

When you think about planning a vacation, Antarctica is probably not the first place that comes to mind. However, for those who love to travel, it deserves a spot on the bucket list. Getting there by ship alone makes it a unique experience. Hop on an all-inclusive cruise and set sail around the continent. You’ll discover the allure of the wildlife: penguins, leopard seals, polar bears, and more. Spend your days exploring shipwrecks and glaciers by kayak and have a snowball fight in the Arctic

2. Ancient Ruins of Troy

When you think of Turkey, Istanbul likely comes to mind. However, it’s not the only must-see historical site in Turkey. The lost city of Troy was not much more than a myth for a very long time; it almost supersedes time. However, it exists, and it was found in Turkey. For history lovers, visiting the ancient ruins of Troy is a step back in time that almost seems impossible. Standing in a place of such history and discovery is an unforgettable experience, unique beyond comparison. If you’re looking for a vacation you never thought possible, take a step back in time and visit Troy.

3. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

No traveller’s list is complete without the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. These towering architectural marvels are the heart of Egyptian tourism, but there’s so much more to this ancient country. The city of Luxor, formerly Thebes, has over 5,000 years of history. It’s also just a few miles away from the incredible Valley of the Kings. Nestled in a wasteland of stone and sand lies the burial tombs of pharaohs and their buried treasure. Dry weather conditions perfectly preserved these relics of history, and you can walk through them this very day. Once in a lifetime almost doesn’t describe it. 

4. The City of Petra

If you’ve never heard of the city of Petra in Jordan, you have probably seen it. Indiana Jones made his way there in search of the Lost Ark of the Covenant, but unlike the movie, it is a very real place. The entrance to Petra is literally carved into the walls of a canyon in the middle of the Jordanian desert. You can go during the day and see it from an array of vantage points, or three nights a week, there is a candlelight display with traditional music that will take you back in time. 

5. Madagascar

If you’re looking to remove yourself from the radar’s reach and see a place so rich in biodiversity that it is a hotbed of scientific discovery, step foot on the mysterious island of Madagascar. It’s virtually unexplored and filled with wonder. Eighty percent of the wildlife can be found nowhere else on the planet, and the vast majority of the land is just waiting to be explored. Check out the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean and watch lemurs trek the shoreline. Explore the tropical rainforests and relax in the white sand. It’s heaven for naturalists and adventurers alike. 

6. Andaman Islands

Off the coast of India are the stunning Andaman Islands. It’s a secret hideaway of tropical jungles, clean shores, and abundant wildlife. You can lie in the lap of luxury at a beautiful resort and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. It’s the perfect place for travelers looking for an exotic getaway of rest, relaxation, and culture. 

Earth is a place of great diversity and deep history. Whether you want to relax, explore, learn, or all three, you can find somewhere unique to stamp your passport. Take a risk and make memories to last a lifetime. 

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