5 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Valuables When Moving

Moving is an exciting time, but it also comes with the stress of packing and figuring out logistics. Packing up all your belongings can take time. The added labor of loading and unloading the truck yourself is tasking. And, if you hire movers, you have to factor in the expense. It can also be emotional to say goodbye to the place you’ve called home.

In all the hustle and bustle, take the worry out of what you can control. Moving can be risky, with the potential of valuables getting lost, stolen, or damaged. Their anxiety and stress levels are also considered if you have furry friends. Keep reading to learn how to protect your valuables when moving. 

1. Protect Your Furry Friends

Caring for your pets during the move can add extra worry to your family. It can also cause additional stress and anxiety for your pets. Please put them in their kennel or shut them in a back bedroom to keep them safe while loading the truck. This keeps them from tripping you while carrying things and mitigates the risk of them running out the door. You could also board them for the weekend if your budget allows.

If you’re worried about how to move your pet, don’t fret. There are several options for pet transport depending on distance and your pet’s stress levels. If your pet is a road warrior, take them in the U-Haul or your car. If you’re flying, you can sometimes fly your pet with you or in cargo, but this varies between airline and the type of pet. Some services will drive your pet for you, regardless of their size or breed. 

2. Pack with Care

The better you pack, the more likely your valuables will arrive in the new place unharmed. Pack like items together and label your boxes well. It will make unpacking at the new house more accessible. It will also help those taking boxes on and off the truck know what might break.

Pack your breakables with paper or bubble wrap. Clearly label the box as fragile or glass. Use a sturdy box or tote as well. All the bubble wrap in the world won’t matter if the bottom falls out of the box. Start the process early so you’re not rushed packing. Bonus tip: Towels and blankets are great protectors for your fragile items.

3. Place Valuables in Your Car

If you’re worried about some items you don’t want the movers to deal with, place them in your car. Jewelry, electronics, birth certificates, and passports are all items you might not want on the truck. Musical instruments like a guitar or your grandmother’s fine china might also be cut. And your pets and kids, of course.

There are a few reasons for this. If you hired a driver for the U-Haul, you might feel better if these items were in your line of sight. You also might not want them on the back of the truck if items shift. Some things are more convenient to have right at your fingertips and not on the moving truck.

4. Invest in a Lock Box and Get Insurance

Some things are safer locked up and out of your hands during a big move. To protect your assets, put your valuables under lock and key at the bank in a safety deposit box. Your passport, your kid’s social security cards, and your grandmother’s engagement ring might be good considerations for this. This is most beneficial for local moves.

This might not be an option if you’re moving across the country or even internationally. You can, however, get a lock box for your car. A small, fireproof safe for the truck can help your small valuables make the long journey. If you’re flying to your new destination, keep the documents on your person in your carry-on. Don’t forget to insure your valuables as well as your whole load for the move as well.

5. Avoid Social Media

Social media and posting about big life moments are viral right now. It’s a great way to inform your network about your life. And you can also show extended friends and family your home, no matter where they live. Did you know nefarious individuals also use social media to find their targets?

Be wary of posting to social media with your location on. Don’t disclose addresses either. A selfie in front of your house with all your possessions in the open truck lets thieves see their mark. Try not to post a photo with your license plate, either. The best bet is to post a “later gram” post after everything is said and done and you’re settled in.

Moving is hard enough without the extra stress of worrying about your valuables. Take the worry out of legal documents, heirlooms, and your pet’s comfort with the tips above. You can be in control of your most essential items this way. And Insurance covers the rest if things get lost, stolen, or damaged. With these precautions, you can get to your destination and begin making a new home for yourself.

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