The current mayor of Woodsboro

Who is the mayor of Woodsboro Maryland?

The current mayor of Woodsboro, Maryland, is Heath S. Barnes. Barnes was elected to the position of Burgess, the equivalent of mayor in the town’s government, in 2019 and has served in the role ever since.

Barnes is a native of Southwest Missouri and has lived in multiple states before settling in Woodsboro. Before he was elected Burgess, he worked as a project manager for a construction company. He was involved in several community organizations, including the Woodsboro Volunteer Fire Department.

Since taking office, Barnes has focused on several critical issues facing the town, including economic development, public safety, and community engagement. He has worked to attract new businesses to the city, improve infrastructure and public services, and promote a sense of community pride and involvement.

Under Barnes’ leadership, Woodsboro has seen several positive developments, including opening a new community center, improvements to local parks and playgrounds, and increased support for local businesses and organizations. Barnes has also worked closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of the town’s residents.

Overall, Barnes has been a dedicated and influential leader for Woodsboro. His commitment to community engagement, economic development, and public safety has helped to make Woodsboro a great place to live, work, and visit. As he continues to serve as Burgess, he will no doubt continue to work tirelessly to improve the town and make it an even better place for all residents.

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