Undercover Season 3

Undercover Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and Star Cast

The series Undercover is about undercover officers who go into the drug mission in Limburg. They use different disguises to get information about where Kingpin is. Two cops, Bob Lemmens and Kim de Rooij are going to a campground that is where a kingpin goes. They will pretend they are a couple. This show is full of cruelty, betrayal, and impulse. It airs on Netflix.

The show has the ingredients that every crime drama should have. People like it because they can watch it and be entertained. People who watch it also think that the show is good. The series got official orders for the second run. It has also gotten good ratings on other platforms.

What is the release date of Undercover Season 3?

The second season of Undercover was released on Netflix in 2020. It had have 10 episodes. In the last few years, people have liked shows that are not from English-speaking countries. That is why it seems like the show might get picked up for a third season soon by streaming partners. The Cinemaholic has said that Undercover is the network’s most famous show in the overseas genre. It is popular in countries like the US, UK, and Latin America. The Belgian drama is as good as any other show on TV.

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Netflix has not said anything about whether or not they will renew Undercover season 3. The Eén network that is the official TV station for this show in Belgium has not said anything about when season 3 might be coming either. We don’t know when these channels will decide the fate of season 3. But we are optimistic because most of the judging parameters for this drama are in our favor. We hope it will be commissioned soon. Netflix takes time to finalize things. We do not know what is happening now, so we should not make guesses.

Netflix usually takes a year to decide whether to make a show or not. And because of COVID-19, things are taking much longer than usual. Netflix could take another 4-5 months to decide if it will show the third season of Undercover. If they do, it will probably be released at the beginning of 2022.

What is the plot of Undercover Season 3?

The first story is about two undercover officers who are going to talk about the drug trade in Limburg. They pretend they are a couple to expose the Ecstasy gang. After finishing the operation, the second season starts one year after the events of the first season. Kill has become part of a human rights organization. Bob is still an undercover agent.

Undercover Season 3: Release date, cast and trailer

The duo unites again when they find out about a lawless weapons mission. The origin of the mission in Syria. The weapons have reached Belgium. They turn to covert cops for more information on this matter, but Ferry Bouman tries to follow them who put him in jail. In the second season, the story is about a company that sells weapons. In the previous seasons, showrunners have shown a different story. We hope they will do another one this time. It should be exciting and new!

Who will be starring in it?

After watching the first two seasons, we know that Bob and Kim are the main characters of the show. Bob is in the Belgian police force and Kim is in the Dutch police force. Anna Drijver and Tom Waes are on the show Undercover. They help stop bad things from happening in town. People can watch them on Season 3 of Undercover. Credible sources like Netflix are also saying that these actors will be in the next season.

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The actors like Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap played a really important role in the earlier seasons of the show. We hope that they will also appear in this season. Some new people will be on the show in the 3rd season. We don’t know their names yet, but they will be on it. So, the people who will be in the show are –

  • Tom Waes will play his role as Bob Lemmens.
  • Anna Drijver will reprise her role of Kim De Rooij.
  • Frank Lammersas Ferry Bouman.
  • Elise Schaap as Danielle Bouman.
  • Raymond Thiry as John Zwart.
  • Kevin Janssens as Jurgen van Kamp.
  • Kris Cuppens as Walter Devos.
  • Wim Willaert as Laurent Berger.
  • Sebastien Dewaeleas Jean-Pierre Berger.
  • Ruth Becquart as Nathalie Geudens.
  • Celest Henri Cornelis as Jackson Geudens.
  • Chris Lomme as Yvet Berger.

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