Troubles Of Covid-19 In United Kingdom

The UK was one of the growing countries in Europe. But in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the UK faces many deaths such above 50,000 people are dead due to this disease. The federal government launches the official figures and 1,256,725 folks have estimated the virus. This week many new circumstances had been recorded. Due to the lethal viral infection, the government provides the extra 595 fatalities to implication for the Economy, Treatments are affected in this global pandemic situation. At the end of the year, we had positive news like vaccines will be created.(read also : All About Covid Vaccine Maryland )

Mass testing capabilities, Liverpool in the initial pilot city was expanded in further cities by the UK government. The latest testing technology is absolutely committed with people to make asymptomatic testing in more areas. And it was said by the UK health Minister Lord James Bethell. 

The worst of the health crisis came from china. We made the restrictions for the infections be lifted. Not only in the UK, but many countries are also affected like Spain, India, Italy, and china. Some East Asia Democracies appear to be doing even better compared to other countries. Asia democracies can respond especially and effectively for the same approach. We had some restrictions on travel, migration, etc. Well, guaranteed basic rights in the system of popular sovereignty such as expression, and checks, and balances on executive power. In the research paper, we are trying to provide a solution to that issue. There are debates for liberalism, in the European country which had long been assumed together, democracy was becoming decoupled. We take many decisions particularly for the foreign policy world focused on the liberal democracies in this crisis. ‘Battle of narratives’ book was written by the European Union’s foreign minister. This book explains all our struggles in this situation        

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